Joe Jonas Zoolander Halloween Costume

joe-derekJoe Jonas Zoolander Halloween costume: ‘I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is. – Derek Zoolander’.


Taylor Swift Dances To Iggy Azalea

Taylor Swift dances to Iggy Azalea. + breaks down ‘Style’ under!

Taylor discusses her love life with The Talk taking a backseat to her girlfriends these days: ‘There is just a bigger priority on the women in my life now. They have taken the place of absolutely any other kind relationship that I used to prioritize. They’re my family now.’
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Amanda Bynes RELEASED FROM MENTAL FACILITY, Eating Alone At Mel’s Diner On Sunset Strip & Back On Twitter!

dadddddddQueen Amanda Bynes is back! Amanda walked down Sunset Blvd., searching for a place to stay. She then went to Mel’s diner where she ordered a ton of food which she devoured:

..fried chicken, salmon, caesar salad with guacamole, and a house salad with Italian and ranch. She was chit-chatting with the waiter and said she was shy because she had a procedure on her face which required a bandage.