So Taylor Swift Is Being Worshipped As An Aryan Goddess With A Nazi Agenda

So Taylor Swift Is Being Worshipped As An Aryan Goddess With A Nazi AgendaLate last year, Taylor Swift was called out for her “elitist” girl squad and her “Nazi Barbie routine” of leading such a group. Apparently, this Neo-Nazi sentiment goes much further for a small Internet subculture of white supremacists  called the “alt-right.” This group has been expanding on a conspiracy theory that claims Taylor to be a secret Nazi who is using her music to perpetuate a race war.

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Justin Bieber Thinks He Could Be PETA’s “Favorite Person In The World”

Justin Bieber Comments On PETAJustin Bieber is finally responding to PETA’s recent criticism, after he was seen interacting with a young lion cub and a chained tiger during his dad’s engagement party. Sort of.

In a now deleted Instagram video, Justin recorded himself getting ready for the day by deciding what to wear. After pulling out different clothing options and making colorful commentary about each piece, the singer had one more outfit that he could choose for the day. “I could be PETA’s favorite person in the world,” Justin joked while holding up what looks to be a fur coat.

Check out the full deleted post below.

What do you think of Justin’s PETA joke?

(Photo credit: JBCrewDotCom Twitter account)

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Of Course Lady Gaga Runs Errands On A Horse

Lady Gaga Rides A HorseLady Gaga may have just come up with an alternative to relying on a gas-guzzling automobile. The singer was seen running a few errands around Los Angeles and decided to be a little more eco-friendly by taking the horse she received as a Christmas gift from Interscope for a spin.

See photos and video of Lady Gaga’s horseback riding adventure below.

What do you think of her new form of transportation?

(Photo credits: LGMonsterFacts and GagaSons Twitter accounts)

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Adele Steps Out With Her Son, A Fresh Face And A Middle Finger

Adele Steps Out With Her Son, A Fresh Face And A Middle FingerAdele was spotted in rare form while in Barcelona, Spain. The “Hello” singer was photographed by paparazzi without her famous winged eyeliner. More shockingly, Adele’s son was also photographed at her side as the two headed into a toy store. The singer has been known to keep her son separate from her fame. In fact, he had never been to one of her concerts until recently.

Although Adele allowed a few photos to be taken, she was definitely still in protective mother mode by attempting to shield her son’s face. The singer even decided to give the paparazzi a piece of her mind, or should we say finger?

See the photos below.

(Photo credit: Huffington Post Twitter account and OHPIX/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)


Ed Sheehan Takes His New Bong Straight To The Head

ed sheeran new bong shane warneEd Sheehan’s self-imposed social media blackout apparently doesn’t extend to appearances on other people’s social media accounts. The singer and songwriter showed up on the account of Gatorbeug, a paraphernalia company that specializes in “water pipes” in the shapes of celebrity’s heads. They’re currently selling Donald Trump and “Crazy Britney” models on their site.

The company shared a new photo on their Instagram account of Ed pulling a brand new piece out of the box. The bong is in the shape of the head of Shane Warne, a world famous Australian cricket player turned controversial UK TV personality.

No word yet from Ed on whether or not he likes the product. We already knew that he likes to get high, but this may be overkill.

Check out the photo of Ed’s new piece below.

(Photo credits: Jamieylnn Tumblr account and Gatorbeug Instagram account)

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