Lena Dunham Calls Out Kanye West, Defends Taylor Swift

lena dunham taylor swift kanye west famous video facebook post featureKanye West’s newest music video seems to have almost everyone talking. The visual features Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian West sleeping in a bed with 1ten other celebrities including Donald Trump, Chris Brown and Caitlyn Jenner. The video, like much of Kanye’s work, has sparked a lot of different reactions. Among those speaking out about the visual is Lena Dunham. Lena took to her Facebook to write up a long post where she addressed Kanye’s latest artistic effort.

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Shawn Mendes Gives Fans A Taste Of The Piano Version Of “Stitches”

Shawn Mendes piano cover of stitchesShawn Mendes is letting his critics know he isn’t screwing around when it comes to his music. The singer posted a video to his Instagram account of him working on the piano version of “Stitches.” The singer must have some pent up frustrations from those offensive YouTube comments, because he even managed to hit a pretty impressive note in the short video.

Listen to what Shawn is working on below.

What do you think of the piano version, so far?

(Photo credit: Shawn Mendes Instagram account)

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Brooklyn Band Trolls One Direction Fans With Fake News About Solo Niall Horan Music

niall horan oh honey collaboration hack trollEver since Zayn Malik quit the group, the musical future of One Direction has been in question. It’s a nearly constant source of speculation among the group’s fanbase. This might be why a recent post by a Brooklyn band garnered so much attention.

The band, Oh Honey, made a post on its Facebook announcing they had an upcoming collaboration with Niall Horan. Almost as soon as the message was posted, it was removed. The band then made posts on its Facebook and one of the member’s Twitter accounts claiming that the band was hacked, leading to several posts apologizing for any confusion and rudeness.

Check out the original Facebook post and the corrections below.

(Photo credits: Oh Honey Facebook and Twitter accounts; Mitchy Collins Twitter account; NiallHoranHasThat1Thing Tumblr account)

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Do Yourself A Favor And Don’t Ask Dylan Sprouse What He’s Doing With His Life

Do Yourself A Favor And Don't Ask Dylan Sprouse What He's DoingAfter announcing  a starring role in upcoming thriller “Dismissed” last fall, Dylan Sprouse’s return to acting has been rather quiet. The actor is fully aware of that, and he’s tired of being asked about what he has up his sleeve. Dylan penned a long, revealing post on Instagram on Monday that began, “Am I not doing anything? It’s a weird thing to be asked ‘what are you doing now?’ Normally I wouldn’t think twice but it happened 4 times today.”

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Kevin Jonas And Danielle Jonas Reveal The Sex Of Their New Baby

kevin danielle jonas expecting pregnant girl baby featureKevin Jonas announced that he and his wife Danielle were expecting a second daughter back in April. On Monday, he finally announced the new baby’s gender. Their first child, Alena Rose, will soon have a little sister.

Kevin took to Instagram to make the announcement, which he teased over the weekend with another post. In that post, two jars of M&M’s were labeled “Nuts” and “No Nuts” and followers were invited to guess the new baby’s gender.

In his follow-up announcement post, Kevin shared four photos of Alena Rose holding a giant balloon with the words “Baby Girl” written on it.

Check out Kevin’s posts below.

Do you think this means the Jonas Sisters could happen someday?

(Photo credit: Kevin Jonas Instagram account)

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