Demi Lovato Defends “Cool For The Summer” From Pink’s VMA Comments

Pink found herself under attack by Demi Lovato’s fans on Twitter last night after she posted comments to her Instagram that insinuated Demi, along with Miley Cyrus, gave VMA performances that were “gross” and “embarrassing.”

Turns out the fans were angry over nothing. Pink claims she actually “forgot” Demi even performed. We’re not sure which is more insulting – that her performance was gross or completely forgettable.

Pink Forgot Demi PerformedDemi took to Twitter this morning and sent out several tweets to defend her song choice for the VMAs. In response to Pink’s comment that “this trash won’t save any kids life,” Demi pointed out that her music does inspire her fans.

Demi Fires Back at PinkShe then took the opportunity to plug her new album, and let fans know they can continue to expect more inspirational songs from her.

Demi New Album InspiresDo you think Demi should feel insulted? Is her music truly inspirational?

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Hailey Baldwin Shows off her Toned Abs at New York City Photo Shoot

Hailey Baldwin Does A Photo Shoot In NYCYesterday, Hailey Baldwin was snapped doing a street shoot in New York. Hailey was modeling fitness wear for EXPRESS, showing off some killer abs.

Hailey and best friend Kendall Jenner have been spotted working, lunching and shopping all week in Manhattan ahead of New York Fashion Week, which officially begins September 10th.

(Photo credit: FameFlyNet)


Harry Styles Survives Red Bull Attack

Harry Styles Poses With Fans While Getting Gas 6A few lucky fans bumped into One Directions’ Harry Styles at a gas station in New York.  He posed for pictures with each of them, which the girls then shared on Twitter.

In the pictures, it looks like Harry’s forehead managed to escape any major damage from Tuesday night’s run-in with a Red Bull can. While we’re sure Harry prefers hugs to headaches from fans, we still think he’d probably choose a shot to the head over some other places he’s been hit in the past.

Check out the gallery below for Harry’s pics with fans at the gas station.

Do you think some fans crazy behavior might be playing a role in the band’s planned hiatus?

(Photo credit: @georgiampalio Twitter Account)


The Director and Editor of “Wildest Dreams” Fire Back at “White-Washing” Claims

Sarcasm appears to be the only thing “Wildest Dreams” director Joseph Kahn can work better than a camera. The award winning director has collaborated with a who’s who of American rap, dance and pop artists, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Beyonce. Some even believe he might be the best music video director of all time.

“Wildest Dreams” is the third video Joseph has directed for Taylor Swift, following the successes of “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” which together won a total of three VMAs, including 2015’s Video of the Year Award. But several media outlets have criticized “Wildest Dreams” for racial insensitivity. National Public Radio thought that the video presented “a glamorous version of the white colonial fantasy of Africa,” while The Daily Dot suggested that it celebrated “old-school Hollywood racism.

Joseph fired back on Twitter, defending himself, his team and the video with a series of sarcastic tweets. Some of the reports in the media didn’t seem to recognize that the entire senior creative team on “Wildest Dreams” were people of color – the video’s producer Jil Harden and editor Chancler Haynes are both African American and Joseph is originally from South Korea.  The director’s tweets range from poking fun at his own South-Korean heritage to suggesting that he can’t be racist if he has black friends.

Joseph Kahn Tweet 2Joseph Kahn Tweet 1image009Meanwhile, the video’s editor, Chancler Haynes, came to the defense of Joseph and Taylor, tweeting that people were missing the point of the video.

Joseph Kahn Tweet 1Joseph has now issued a separate formal statement that is a lot more serious in tone than his tweets:

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Justin Bieber Faces Questlove in Drum-Off Competition

Justin Bieber Drum Off2On the “Tonight Show” last night, Justin Bieber challenged Questlove to a “drum-off” five years after he previously played with the band leader of The Roots during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s last talk show, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” The drum-off came after Jimmy Fallon interviewed Justin about his VMAs performance.

Watch how far Justin’s drumming skills have come in the two videos below.

(Photo Credit: Youtube)

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