Justin Bieber Hooked Up With Two Street Walkers, But They Were Too Ugly To Show Off To Selena

justin-bieber-hyprocrite (1)On Monday afternoon, Justin Bieber picked up a pair of girls off the street and took them to the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Bieber’s driver called out to the ladies initially, but it was only after Lil Bieby rolled down the window of his 2015 Cadillac Escalade and hollered that they came over, reports X17.

The two girls stopped by the Louis Vuitton store and then headed back to Bieber’s chauffeured ride, but they stood outside the SUV for nearly an hour while he continued shopping with his entourage: ‘Bieber definitely hooked up with these girls the night before, even though he could do way better,

Which might explain why he ignored them the entire time he was shopping and kept them waiting. He usually flaunts his flings in Selena’s face, but he was actually embarrassed about this and clearly trying to hide it.’


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