Amanda Bynes GOES LADY GAGA With Boyfriend


Amanda Bynes and an unidentified male companion hit up a Lady Gaga performance at Avalon in Hollywood on Friday night. Photo Credit: Fame Pictures. +3 under!

  • uygvtv

    i liked the old oceanup better :(

  • roxsun

    i dont like the new ocean up

  • marissa


  • me

    Amanda looks nice she is so talented love her

  • Lauren.

    How confusing is oceanup now :(:(

  • DanceBrittanyDance?

    I Don’t Like This Ocean Up ):

  • rachael

    Aww Amanda looks so pretty!! Love her!!

  • Tru

    I love her! My Idol! I don’t like the new oceanup either!

  • Anonymous

    OMG I WAS THERE!! she doesn’t have fat face in person

  • Brianna

    I thought that she was with Seth Mcfarlane though.

  • Jane

    I looooove Amanda! My most favorite actress!

  • Selena Gomez

    :) awesome

  • Anonymous

    I’d tap the shit out of that. UH!! Baby UH!!

  • it’s me

    haha, I love amanda (:
    she seems to be such a sweetheart!
    and her movies are awesome, and she’s so pretty :D

  • allie

    cute :D

  • katie

    cute girl :D

  • katie

    cute girl :D

  • Anonymous

    Awesome to see her, she is one of my favs and she is such a great role model!

  • Anonymous

    Amanda looks pretty (:
    But OceanUp, now I have to get used to this one ):

  • soulie

    amanda looks great, and her “boyfriend” kinda looks like the type of guy she would be with. hahaha. btw..why is everyone hatin on the new oceanup? everything looks the effin same except the comment button? Do you guys prefer the word COMMENT over the star? geez

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    If only I could have warned her about 2013……

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