Ashley Tisdale YEARBOOK PICTURE Brunette Beauty


Ashley Tisdale yearbook picture from high school. She’s finally gone back to her true roots! Do you prefer Tis, brunette or blond?

  • jm

    way pretty for a year book picture :)

  • hey it’s kendra!

    i like her nose before she got that nose job…

  • it’s me

    I love you ashley :D

  • Anonymous

    i like both the brunette and blonde but not this brunette the brunette now

  • http://mskf lala


  • i


  • Wowzers

    Very pretty picture:)

  • Sue-Hailey

    shes better as a blonde

  • cccc

    OMG. So pretty., I think shes better brunette

  • it’s me

    ash is so pretty!
    she looks good on both !
    I love you ash, but I’ll miss sharpay D:
    last hsm :/

  • Anonymous

    i like the other oceanup..

  • nareeeza<3

    she’s preeety!

  • Michael

    Wow, she looks way better here than she does now.

  • I’m not telling

    I like her in brown hair. It brings out her eyes.

  • Bec

    Definitely blonde. It makes her eyes pop out and it gives her her image.

  • Love Ashley =]

    looks like leighton meester


    i totally agree!

  • nina

    omg she’s so pretty with brunette

  • shelbie

    Aw she was pretty

  • Juuliiett

    i think she’s pretty blonde or brunette.

  • emma

    looks like leighton meester

  • Claire

    I think she actually looks better brunette…
    This is a gorgeous pic, btw!

  • JessiCa <3

    She looks amazing!
    But I still like her blonde, it makes her stand out a lot more.

  • Anonymous

    this girl is just photogenic.

  • mhm

    brown hair, it makes her nose stand out

  • mileyfan7

    I LOVE Brunette hair on Ashley!

  • it’s me.

    I love ashley, she looks good in both :D

  • Anonymous

    yeah.. i liked the other oceanup.

  • naddie

    she looks like a model!

  • emma

    looks like leighton meester

  • Jessica

    i think i like her as a blonde better….it makes her eyes pop!

  • Anonymous

    I think she was much prettier back then…

  • kayla.[bitchassmotherfucker]

    i love her how it is right now :D

  • Isabel

    I like her hair back then. But now that I’ve seen her as a blondie for soooo long, I now think she looks better with blond hair.

  • fsdkjfdkjff

    she looks older when shes brunette.
    i like the blonde better though i think (:

  • luigi


  • swiftmed