Jonas BrothersLovebug’ music Video On Trial. Thx Sophie!

  • brittany

    best video of theirs <33
    love themmmm :D

    • jonas 17

      love jonas suck the other people. jonas is #1 and no one talks about nicks diibetes.

  • apricotjeanz

    the love bug video wasnt very good to start with, its like ive seen it before. It looks just like whiskey lullaby. Except whiskey lullaby had a real meaning and was well put together. Love bug is cheesy and basically meaningless. The people on this werent that funny and the guy has a chicken hawk

  • Leen

    Not Cool,
    Wht Kind Of Crap Is This?

  • Christina

    wow i just wasted 6 minutes of my life watching lowlifes who are jealous that the girls like JB———–typical guys———seriously get a life—-ur not cool!

  • http://haHahaHa Abi!

    OMG!!!!!!! … hahahaha … i love the jonas brothers .. but this video is really gooooooooood .. hahaha … its so funny .. personally ihave to agree with them about the video .. but its still a beautiful song and a good love story … and camilla belle is pretty!

    i love JB’s

    Ps.. i hate that ”first” stuff its crazy!!!

    love Abi!

  • joans

    jonas is #1 and no one talk about nicks dibetes. so those people suck.

  • Anonymous


  • Vincent

    I thought this was the real video on trial! The people were not animated enough ):

  • brie

    oh wow that was really gay

    that actual tv show is better

  • oceanUP


  • Sonia.Loves.JOE.JONAS.

    joe is fuckin hot

  • stephanie


    this isnt the real video on trial.
    this is someone’s immitation, but in my opinion the real one is MUCH better.


  • Maddy

    I love this music video.
    Jonas Brothers rock!

  • Kelsey

    ok ummmm wow I am sorry but I loved that Music Video to death! and that was a stupid review!!

  • summer

    wow that was stupid, and it wasnt a accoustic guitar it was an eletric so you just made a fool out of yourself. and i love that music video, and i cant believe they even put him making fun of nicks diabetes on their if he said “sorry” he would have even put t on there,

    VERDICT : they gay :)

  • Anonymous


    The actual video on trial is way better and funnier

  • Eimear

    Okay, this review was really poorly put together. I could forgive it if it was funny, but it’s not, so I don’t. I’m not even that major a fan of the JoBros, so I’m not an overprotective fangirl, but this was just sad.

  • corrine

    ewwi dont like the new oceanup

    but i like this vid!

  • Hiba

    Yes, yes. That video was harsh. Was it supposed to be somewhat funny? Well it wasn’t. Even though I’m a fan of the JoBros, I’d still have the same opinion if I wasn’t.

    Mmm, yeah making fun of his diabetes.
    What kind of person would do such a thing?
    Even if he said sorry, if he really was sorry,
    he wouldn’t even put it up on the video.
    It wasn’t Nick’s choice to have diabetes, dumb ass.

    Anywayy, that music video is so awesome XD

  • melani

    WHO cares what they think?? He doesn’t want me to give a review of his hair that looks like chickens pecked in it and her, does she have any bottom teeth?AND she needs to learn to properly pronounce her S’s. Do they have millons of fans and go on tour and write songs that people stand in line waiting to buy? I’m guessing NO!

  • Mer

    Uhh, that isn’t even the real video on trial. the real video on trial is on Much Music! JB is awesome!

  • Dejhana

    that review was a big bag of stupid

  • Me<3

    wow im not gonna even finish watching that!
    jonas brothers songs are AMAZING!!!!!
    and lovebug is my fav vid theyve done so far!

  • jbroxmysox12

    THIS ANGERS ME. LOVEBUG IS AN AMAZING VIDEO. those ppl just want attention they secretly love JB. I love the Jonas Brothers<3

  • it’s me

    sometimes this brothers disapoint me… but then, they make a really sweet thing and I fall again, because the truth is that I love those jonas boys *–*

  • Anonymous

    WTF??? IDIOTS!!!!

  • mich

    wow that wasnt a bit funny. and im the first person to laugh at a jb joke.

  • Alice

    Why is this on oceanup? It’s not even news or anything even remotely interesting. People need to stop sending in their own lame stuff. It’s boring and pointless.

    I will agree with one thing though, Kevin was definitely not in the video enough.

  • Tia and Manderzz !

    I loved the vid (:

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Love bug remains my favorite.

    • Cici

      Right… I miss them :(

  • Anonymous

    GET A LIFEE! The jonas brothers are soo perfect??.. And Even if you don’t like jb? you should never make fun of nicks diabetes : ( thats soo meann

  • Anonymous

    sorry i meant the jonas brothers are soo perfect!!!!

  • Ms.aNonymous

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  • ilovenickj

    wow this guy really needs to shut up! the jonas brothers are awesome and i loved the lovebug video. he should go to hell for making fun of nick j

  • randomstar

    this isnt it the show is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better

  • lily

    wow you think you are cool………………… NOT get a life!

  • swiftmed
  • jonas 17

    love jonas suck the other people. jonas is #1 and no one talks about nicks diibetes.