Ashley Tisdale Doesn’t Mind Britney Spears Comparisons

Ashley Tisdale doesn’t mind the comparisons between herself and Britney Spears because she admires the troubled singer as an artist.

Ash spilled:

‘I think Britney is an amazing artist and would never put her down. She is amazing at what she does, but to be in the spotlight like that at 16 is hard. I mean, I’m 23 and I’m dealing with it and it’s overwhelming.’

Tis also recalled the first time she was cast in an advertisement: ‘I always got the food commercials when I was younger because I had the best ‘bite and reaction’, where you eat the food and are really excited by it!’

  • Jessica J

    Ashley rocks and I JUST SAW HSM3 AND IT ROCKS!!!

  • summer'<3

    <3 her.

  • Crystal


  • Person (team everyone bby)

    i want that shirt!! its ccuutteee

  • Emz

    Haha. The british are offended.
    :] In case nobody get’s it.
    The peace sign backwords means eff you/

  • Person (team everyone bby)

    anyone miss the old oceanup? no one comments anymore its bbbooorrriiinnnnggg!!!

  • l

    when did any1 compare her to britney

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