Cody Linley ‘I Cried Myself To Sleep!’

Cody Linley revealed an emotional breakup story with an older woman to J-14. Cody spilled, ‘She was in fifth grade and I was in third, it was a big deal. She was the older, cool, hot girl and I was in awe of her. She’d walk by my classroom and wave, and I’d think, ‘Oh yeah!’

But then disaster struck! My girlfriend broke up with me to date a sixth grader. I was heartbroken. It’s hard to believe because I was so young, but I cried myself to sleep every night for months!’

  • Anonymous

    poor cody
    he looks kinda cute in that picture though

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  • Anonymous

    Wow does that sound really stupid or is it just me?

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  • olivia

    maaaan he’s cute ;D

  • Afton

    Old shit.
    I read that forever ago.

    He is so fine :)

  • Demi Lovato

    Aww poor baby;;
    now hes dating me!!!

  • jb lover2468000

    uhhhhh akward “oh yeah” wtf lol

  • .

    LOL!! aww poor cody.

  • allie

    Oceanup doesnt have so many comments these days??

  • Kelly

    MM. He’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    I could never imagine a 5th grader dating a 3rd grader. Seriously? That’s like a 6th grader dating a 2nd grader to me lol.

  • oceanUP

    I’m testing the comments. What an interesting story!

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup doesnt have so many comments these days??
    i knowww

  • mrs. joejonas

    hahahah omg i love him!!!

  • Tahara

    He was so young!

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    this guess is soooo dirty
    just like that stupid bitch Miley Cyrus

  • Anonymous

    te odio con todo mi carazon como a zac efron?

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE SO MUCH, my love, so perfect!
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaw i love you, forever in my hearts!