Joanna Levesque
does NOT like bullies!

  • megan

    i love her. =]
    she’s so pretty.

  • Person (team everyone bby)

    thats really nice and its true too!
    go JoJo!!

  • Anonymous

    love her(: and the people who keep posting the youtube thing in the comments its really annoying!!!

  • ARC


  • Anonymous

    She’s really pretty (:
    And Oh man, she was feirce and so into it in the video LOL. Kind of scary in a way … haha

  • Alexa


  • Anonymous

    she’s so pretty. i love her voice,

  • katie

    I love jojo :) she’s so pretty and has a great voice! but I think she looks better with her natural hair color

  • Anonymous

    she probably needed some money because she hasn’t been active with her carrer for a while LOL!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    why there’s so many bullys in USA?

  • Anonymous

    why there’s so many bullys in USA?

  • Anonymous

    why there’s so many bullys in USA?

  • Joanna Levesque

    Stomp out Bullying!Yes,i hate bullies,and i was fierce and angry in that video cause i was bullied in middle school,and it sucked!Thanks guys and bullies ,get a life cause you are so uncool


  • Jillian

    i love JoJo! XD

    way to go! STOMP OUT BULLYING!

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  • Tallie

    She has the same name as my form tutor :|
    But shes pretty and he’s well a french bastard :D

  • Joanna Levesque

    Im not a poser!!Katelyn,,I failed a complain to OceanUp and this is what they wrote bck to me!!

    Miss JoJo Levesque,

    Thank you and we have gone through your complain.Thank you for searching and we will speak to Katelyn soon.Do not worry we will try to post a comment as we are very busy now and can’t do it now.We will get back to you as soon as possible.Take care and have a great day ahead.


  • AJ

    she so cool i love her!!!!!!!

  • Katelyn,The CHEERLEADER Chick

    Why would JoJo search OceanUp??Gosh,posers get a freaking guys do this to only get attention could you kindly be yourself??Urghh!!i hate freaking posers!they can go get a life!!


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  • Anonymous

    You show those bullies, JoJo! Those who side against bullies deserve my respect. I have no pity for bullies and I never will.

    Joanna, you’re so right in telling bullies to get a life. They think that they’re so cool as to pick on non-bullies.

  • Anonymous

    ohhhhhhh i love jojo