Happy Halloween from Panic At The Disco!

  • Cassie-Louise


    I hate the new oceanup :/

  • DanceBrittanyDance?

    Brendon, Marry Me!

  • summer; team jonas/demi!

    i dont like the new oceanup either,

    & uhm, sorry but that was the gayest thing EVER

  • valeria

    i love patd :DDDDD
    from chili hahaha

  • Brittany S.

    OMG!!! I LOVEEE PATD!!! and Brendon Urie is Amazing as are all of them!!! :] <3

  • Julia:)

    Ahahaha, I love them:D
    They are so fun.

    And god I love brenan Urie:)
    [if thats how you spell it.. hahah

  • christopher


  • bea

    first! i love patd

  • Jammella

    Thank You so much for posting panic.
    I love them sooo much, you should really post more of them! <333

  • lindsay

    lindsayschencker, has more informations then OceanUp and perezhilton combined. what are you waiting for?

  • monica :)

    god, i love them.

    and im not really crazy about the new oceanup :(
    but i’ll get used to it :)

  • swiftmed
  • janeyi

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