Selena Gomez CRUELLA DE VIL Official A Capella

Selena Gomez
Cruella De Vil’ A Capella. Wait about 20 seconds and you’ll hear her voice without the background music and the computerized sound that was added her voice. Thx jayce!

  • <33

    she’s ok..not the best but it’s ok

  • Anonymous

    wow it sounds like she’s dying

    miley is better than this

    stick to acting selena
    im sorry but this is just bad

  • me!

    selena needs to stick to acting. she has a half decent voice but that was the song without background music.
    i wish her the best

  • mich

    she sounds so good. minus some parts, like the ending.

    i like her voice.


    i prefer it much more without all the extra stuff added in.

  • Xiomy

    I like selena but she still sounds fake cuz u can hear a little eco of her voice at background
    miley n demi sing SO MUCH BETTER
    =/ i guess singins is not selena’s thing

  • ndia

    this girl can’t sing. done!

  • lindseeee .

    it’s okay
    it’s not amazing ..

    but you can definately hear the digitilization that they added to her voice .

  • disneyh8er

    if this bad then miley sux she does any way

  • Anonymous

    she is amazing.

  • Bella

    It’s so obvious it’s still computerized just the background music was remove. And people Miley does have a good voice. Hear her sing the National Anthem a capella. It sounds amazing!

    Demi and Miley = good singers
    Selena = ehh not so good

  • Haleigh

    First! haha.

  • summer team jonas/demi!

    wow… :/

    she sounds like she is dying.
    and voice is like weird.

    okay 17 diff voices now.

    & that souns nothing like her other sonngs.

  • bi

    not so good

  • MichelleJ.

    pretty good :)

  • Person (team everyone bby)

    none of u guys better say she sux…cuz guess what miley isn;t any better…i listened to this…than a miley acapella…and they r about the same in the experience in their voices so don’t critisize..

  • Halie :’]

    How can you say she’s not good!?

    Miley sounds just as good as she does.

  • nicole

    she sounds weird and unnatural..
    Miley and Demi sound MUCH better.

  • Anonymous

    uhm miley sounds good especially if you go to her doin g the national anthem she sounds so amazing

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s computerized. If you listen to both tracks, there’s no difference.

    The only thing that person did was use a program to remove the backing track, and truth be told, didn’t do that well of a job, you can still hear it every now and then.

  • Daniella

    ok, so MILEY STINKS!
    and selena is pretty good actually, but she should stick to acting…
    she’s funny. but she shouldn’t make a band, leave the raw singin talents to DEMI! no one else has a voice!

  • andreaaa

    i think she’s pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    her voice is GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow stop saying miley is bad.miley has such a unique voice, just because it doesn’t sound like everyone elses doesn’t mean you have to diss her.
    selenas voice is alrightttt.

    team everyoneeeeeee

  • mac

    its not computerized at all its just not all the background music was taken off and in the chorus her voice is just echoed and shes good

  • Mikayla

    those ppl who said she sux or sommin like that- i bet u are musch better than her arent you?

  • JessiCa <3

    Wow, I like this version wayyy more than all that computerized crap!
    She might actually make a good singer, I hear she’s signed so it’s only a matter of time before Disney strikes again!
    Do they really have to sign everyone with a half decent voice..

  • blahhhh.

    she actually sounds pretty good
    she just doesn’t have a big range

  • Anonymous

    I think she has a good voice.
    But all the backround music made her voice sound computerized.

  • Hannah

    i think she sounds awsome!
    shes really good.

  • Cami

    I think she has a great voice! =] I love Selena! Miley sounds great acapella too when she sang See You Again! =]

  • Anonymous

    I liked it. Ish.

  • Sue-Hailey

    You can hear her voice more clearly in this version.

  • Anonymous

    hmm. i wonder how they got this.
    shes got a naturally good voice.
    the echos confused me for a minute. lol.
    loves it!
    shes soo awesome.
    idk why people are saying her voice is scary/wierd. wth?
    jealous much?!
    love her.

  • MileyFan

    eww she sounds gross:D

  • I don’t know why they bother messing with her voice, it’s fine enough without the editing! I’ve heard better but I’ve also heard a lot worse. But seriously she needs to just stick with acting, she is loads better acting than she is with singing.

  • Anonymous

    omg her voice ROCKS

  • l

    whoever made this just took off the music i can do that with virtual dj

  • Anonymous

    she has like NO emotion.
    she’s just like saying it.

  • SelenaFan

    Wow!(: I think she souned really good.
    She’s much better without all that fake stuff added in. =)

  • melanie

    she has an okay voice but the breathing was annoying

  • Viva La Vida

    She sounds like she has vocal training; good vibrato, no breathiness. She doesn’t have the best natural talent, but she has the technique down.

  • Me<3

    love her voice

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Her voice use to be stronger, what happened? She needs someone to help her find music to fit HER voice so she sounds good live.

  • swiftmed

    the computerized stuff is called REVERB, you idiot.

  • Anonymousss

    She sounds horrible.
    Miley and Demi can sing .

  • Anonymousss

    She sounds horrible.
    Miley and Demi can sing .

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