Shenae Grimes gracing the cover of Saturday Night magazine with their stunning new photo shoot. 90210 Has A New Brenda! Do you think she’s pretty? More scans under!

  • Heaven. Conrad.

    aww. she’s so pretty.
    she’s like freakin gorgeous!!
    omg. i’m so jealous. lol.

  • lourdes

    i dont knowww/

  • Anonymous

    She is soo pretty!!
    Not so much here though..

  • Anonymous

    she’s heaps pretty !

  • christy

    she is soo pretty in those pics

  • dsjkfhkdsjhf

    shes so pretty(:

  • abc

    her makeups kinda weird.

  • Anonymous

    shes so annoyinh

  • Tatiana

    Ugh I can’t stand her.

  • liz

    man shes skinny

  • hey ya’ll

    the 4th one where shes on the bed she looks really out of proportion and her toes look SOOO weird
    she has none

    shes really pretty in 90210 but she looks different here
    it looks very touched up


    this chick’s hot. so is the brunette who’s dating the black guy on 90210.

  • Luv her

    shes so pretty

    its so funny cuz i have loved her since her early degrassi days and now shes this household name in a way and shes in all the magazines i cant belive it she must b so proud, shes talented and gorgeous and shes done so well

    i feel bad 4 her degrassi cast tho i wonder how they feel that shes so famous now and on 90210 and people dont rlly know who they r even tho i luv that show

  • oceanUP

    Yay Jessica Stroup

  • ariana

    i love shenae!!
    shes my idol.
    i have loved her since she has been on degrassi and she looks so much like lori. there like twins!!
    and i love 90210 and degrassi is my fav show i haven’t missed an epoisode… but its weird without her and ALOT of the old people!! miss them!

  • ANYonymous

    ya shes pretty

  • PrabhjotPrabhjot

    liked her better on degrassi.

  • aa

    the reason why lohan got ugly is because shenae moved to LA

  • swiftmed