Taylor Swift DEMO TAPES

Taylor Swift’s first demo tape, a cover of LeAnn Rimes ‘One Way Ticket’. More under! Do you like her voice here? Thx Kayla!

  • Anonymous

    OMG.. how old was she?
    She sounds 5.

  • qweqwe

    i dont hate her, but her voice is a little annoyin’ here

  • Mallory

    the singing standards for stars these days get lower and lower …

  • Katie

    yuck, she doesn’t sound good!

  • Eliseeee.

    she sounds really young..

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  • http://misslovato.com Daniella

    dude was she like 2 or something!

  • Charlenee

    gahhh. i lovee tayswift.
    she sounds aroableee <3

  • Anonymous

    She sounds great. And she was only 9. These were her demos, not recent.

  • kello

    that’s not her.. lameee

  • lindsay

    lindsayschencker,wordpress.com has more informations then OceanUp and perezhilton combined. what are you waiting for?

  • kaayla

    you’re welcome ocean up!
    lovee ya.

  • adffa

    lindsayschencker.wordpress.com has more informations then OceanUp and perezhilton combined. what are you waiting for?

  • Anonymous

    oh my god….this is awful
    she sure has improved

  • Anonymous

    Idk how your page will be, but ”lindsayschencker,wordpress.com has more informations then OceanUp and perezhilton combined” I think that is a little rude.

  • Anonymous

    she was 11

  • jackie


  • Jackkkie_xx

    (: she sounds horrible here

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    She was amazing even then

  • swiftmed
  • janeyi

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