Taylor Swift NATIONAL ANTHEM World Series Game 3

Taylor Swift performing the National Anthem World Series Game 3 in Philadelphia. Supposedly, it was pre-taped. So, Lol.

  • Emma

    I love Taylor. I’m definatly her biggest fan.
    It was better then 2006. [Stay positive people. XD] She isn’t that good at live performances yet, but she’s better then she used to be.

  • Summer; team jonas/demi!<3;

    no offense, but i dont like it.. my opinon, :)

  • Camille

    I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aimee

    I was there! I recorded it on my cell phone!
    she was amazing! Go Phillies!!!!

  • kaycee

    aww she did really good :)

  • juju bees

    …That sucked.

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla.[bitchassmotherfucker]

    god, she’s amazing.
    with joe being such a big baseball fan, he probably had to turn the channel…lmfao.
    sorry :p just had to say that.

    anywho, she’s amazing.

  • tom mathews

    I thought that was the best National Anthem ever.
    (I am not a Philiie fan but I was rooting for them and I did not know who Taylor Swift was before this song.)
    I do not understand the LOL comment above.

  • Viva La Vida

    I would be way more impressed if she had done it acapella.

  • maddie

    that was amazing,

    and fyi, it wasnt pre-taped

  • Anonymous

    :58 to 1:03 was like uhhh ok. I didn’t really it.
    I love Taylor though. This wasn’t her best.

  • Anonymous

    that was amazing.

  • Me<3

    awesome loved it!

  • swiftmed