Miley Cyrus And Boyfriend At Grandma’s House And LAX

hitting up Grandma’s and LAX with lover Justin.

  • shell bell

    What was she replying to when she said “No i’m not doing it again. i’m not an idiot!”

  • Sophie < click!

    omg i didnt think paparazzi could go to houses?

  • :]

    where the fuck did she go?

  • kara

    hmm i love her but hwy is she in such a rish to grow up! btw he is too pretty. i bet miley is way way hard to date!

  • katelyn

    miley’s voice is anoying sounds like a grandma or somthing.haha.idk but she is really anoying.

  • Leiana

    She went to london. MAndy jiroux and her dancers went to

  • dee


  • bananas

    i love miley and justin!!

  • bananas

    oh yea!!!
    i was second!!!

  • dee


  • colene

    her bf is NOT hott..
    i love her hair tho :p

  • zee

    where was she headed to?

  • Katie

    They both seam really happy =) I’m happy for them, they make a cute coupple. I have to say, he’s hot, go Miley!!

  • ohmyjemi

    i think Miley and jUstin looks cute together

  • melissa

    She wasn’t at her grandma’s house. Her grandmother on her mother’s side lives with them. She went to her her mother’s friends house to drop off her dog before heading to Europe – London, Berlin and Paris, meeting up with her mother and sister already in London since they were already there vacationing in Italy. Justin did not go! He’s going to be doing concerts with her dad this week in California.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    The whole time she dated Gaston was a blur, I don’t remember much of it and tbh I don’t care to try.

  • swiftmed