Miley Cyrus Sweet 16 Behind Scenes


Miley Cyrus behind the scenes pictures from her Sweet Sixteen thanks to OURMILEY. Sprouse Twins, Moises Arias, Katy Perry, Li’l Romeo and his BFF. More under!

  • rii

    anyone who thinks Miley shut down disneyland personally is a joke. im sure she is at least normal in the sense that she would want to celebrate her bday ON her bday, so of course disney made her do it. hell, shes goin on vacation, her more personal bday celebration im assuming, closer to her birthday cuz shes goin to the AMAs ON her bday. shes a workaholic but at least tries to celebrate her bday as close to the actually day as she can.

    i also watched when the Sprouse twins were on the View. for a lil bit they talked about how they went to Miley’s sweet 16 and said how they had fun, but didnt see Miley having fun because she was working the whole time. they said how she probably had fun at the very end when she got to ride rides.

    even if you hate Miley, you hafta admit she has some pretty heavy dedication to her work, disney, and fans to be basically exploited on her bday like that. you cant say she was money hungry either since the proceeds went to charity.

  • hotstuff

    ugh why does she always have to put on such an ugly face for? pisses me off. but the only reson why i clicked the picture was to take a look at her dress. its very nice

  • Youtube

  • Anonymous

    omg! she’s so gorgeous<3

  • Trisha

    Aww, Miley looks really pretty in that picture.

  • Wow

    wow what up with her on the first pic? she looks like that on all her pics! hahaha

  • Sophie

  • TeamNiley

    the one on the rollercoaster, miley’s head is photoshopped lol .. whoever pasted her head on there did a really bad job lol …i love miley!

  • corrine

    whats with the spam?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but I just have to point out to quite a few people that this was NOT her actual birthday. I’m getting frustrated with all the people who are feeling so much pity because she had to do this and that at her birthday party.

    I am not Miley fan, so go ahead and poke at me for it. But honestly, look at this from the point-of-view as an agent and celebrity. It gives her more PR with just appearing at the party and giving the money to the charity, plus, it was a good time for Disney to get themselves more PR–and with a popular celebrity for a targeted audience.

    The party in whole was just like another concert for Miley, except she just got more honoring and less money. I even read somewhere that Disney did it on this date so it wouldn’t cross with Miley’s actual birthday plans.

    And about the dress comments, against how much I dislike Miley, I do like some of her outfits, including this dress. Then again, a stylist is doing most of the work, so I like the stylist’s style. Miley’s own little PR work is what makes everything so much less modest than what it could be. If this was say, some lesser known young star with a clean history, less people would view it as a “slutty” dress. It all has to do with their conscious about the person already. So in this case, Miley’s history is what tarnishes a lot of her outfit choices’ characteristic to work for her age and work for the main audience and event.

    Sorry, I just really needed to get that out after reading all these comments on Ocean Up. I come to read the comments a lot just for entertainment as there are lot of incompetent
    ones, but I really needed to get that out. This comment will also either serve as some entertainment for people who are wondering why it’s such a serious comment or as actual knowledge for some people of whose comments I used to laugh at.

  • Thanh

    shes gorgeous and her dress 2.


  • Sophie

    Get your tiny tits out
    Ha! shes riduculous

  • mileyfan7

    That looks like one amazing b-day!


  • Anonymous

    her dress is so cute and her hair

  • yaya

    people should realize that most of the time when you throw a big party you never really get to enjoy it because you have to pay attention to like 20 different things. thats why i think its better when its like a get together between close friends and family. just my opinion. and i like mileys dress. and i havent seen lil romeo in a minute.

  • TakeABreath

    she looks very pretty..

    did she actually get to hang out with any of the fans instead of her friends though??

  • sariie

    she looks amazing
    this reminds me of my friends sweet sixteen
    i would love to of been there

  • kara

    i cant decide if i like her or not. i like the dress i do and love the hair but shes dating a 20 year old and shes only 16. i dont get it. she is in such a rush to grow up when she should just sit back and relax. and did you notice in almost every picture of her theres weird face oon . she can never just smile. man i wold hate to be in the spotlight 24/7 like that. she has money and fame and whatever she wants but having fakepeople around her cionstantly has to be annoying

  • Tru

    Who shuts down disney to have a Sweet 16….Someone who needs a break and gives all the money to Charity! Sounds like good deed to me…Her fans were happy and the charity she gave the money to was grateful! She looks gorgeous! OMG! Lil Romeo is so freaking sexy to me….Well he isn’t lil anymore…Much Love Miley!

  • Team MileyMandy

    Viva La Vida | October 26, 2008 11:26 PM | Reply
    I’m sorry, but who shuts down Disneyland for their sweet 16, and then sells tickets to it? Just ridiculous
    Yeah your always on her post dumbass,why dont you go help your “big time” director of daddy you have? Oh and BTW whats his name since hes on of the best?

  • kjhgfd

    she look soo pretty

  • kellllllllllllllllllllllllay

    ahh love her!!
    her sweet 16 was the best day of my life
    seriously amazing
    shes so gorgeous! eep!
    the sprouse twins were so much more adorable in person!

  • gtgrg

    her boobs are small, compared to when she wears a regular shirt with a bra…
    why does pretend like those things are so big? they’re not

  • Alyxxx

    She looks nice, not sure about the plunging neckline though… Her boobs aren’t that great.

  • Rara

    Is Miley incapable of NOT wearing a slutty dress?


    You didn’t know that already?

  • cait

    she looks cute. i must admit. =]

  • m!leyfanforever.

    m sorry, but who shuts down Disneyland for their sweet 16, and then sells tickets to it? Just ridiculous.

    who wouldnt? :]
    and the money for the tickets goes to charity, so its for a good cause.

  • wtf

    lol first

  • andrea

    awwww… i think she didnt really get to enjoy her sweet 16.. because she had to preforme and do all sorts of things.. but i hope she did.. :)
    my best wishes for u miley :D
    andrea <3

  • Santi.

    What a shiny dress.

  • Viva La Vida

    I’m sorry, but who shuts down Disneyland for their sweet 16, and then sells tickets to it? Just ridiculous.

  • Anonymous


  • Tatiana

    Is Miley incapable of NOT wearing a slutty dress?


    Viva La Vida | October 26, 2008 11:26 PM | Reply
    I’m sorry, but who shuts down Disneyland for their sweet 16, and then sells tickets to it? Just ridiculous
    it was for charity and its not like she chooses to do it, disney does

  • sarah

    Is Miley incapable of NOT wearing a slutty dress?


    i dont thnk so(:
    unless it like ,
    went to her ancles and
    was a turtle neck

  • She looks good! Sucks she had to work for her birthday party.

  • joyce


  • loveher

    Viva La Vida | October 26, 2008 11:26 PM | Reply

    I’m sorry, but who shuts down Disneyland for their sweet 16, and then sells tickets to it? Just ridiculous.




  • ;0

    argh shes so pretty! the dress is gorgeous.

  • lala

    did the money go to charity? wow thats generous, not like she needs the money anyway, already like a multi millionaire or something!

  • whooo

    is that the same dress ashley is wearing below?

  • Anonymous

    that dress is kinda slutty…her tits all out. not cool for a 15 year old.

    and yeah the money did go to charity, well a portion of it did! wouldnt have been a REAL charity if she let all the kids with make a wish come or something??

    looks like disney just exploited her to make money. and why was katy perry there???

    she didnt even had fun. i worked there and she basically had a schedule and had to be at a certain ride/place at specific times. kinda felt a little bad for her…then i remembered shes a millionaire lmao

  • Emily

    That is the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning.

  • Anonymous

    i love that dress
    its beautiful

    nice cleavage ahahhahahahah
    love miley forever

  • Anonymous

    she wanted to have her party there and had disney sut down for her

  • swiftmed