Sterling Knight SONNY WITH A CHANCE Star

From Jennifer: Sterling is awesome, as I kept on saying that night! He’s in Sonny With a Chance with Demi Lovato! As you can see, I asked him to say anything to my camera and this is what he said. This is on October 16 at the USC Galen Center, after the High School Musical 3 premiere!

  • Emily

    sterling is AMAZING!!!! did jennifer send in this video or did they just find it?? she’s my friend lol. i miss sterling, i need to see him again

  • Carol

    I love him.

  • lety

    sterling is so cute.
    he IS awesome. (:


    i cant wait for sonny with a chance!

  • Brittany

    yes! my birthday is on thanksgiving every 7 years. this year it is on a tuesday though.

  • Anonymous

    ahh i met him,
    i look horrible tho,
    let me see if i can post the picture in this comment…

    i went to 2 tapings of sonny with a chance, ands hes soo nice. i told him i love him and he said he loves me more. ahah it was funny[:

    theres the link! ^^

    i look REALLY bad cause it was after i was all sweaty and waiting and stuff.

  • swiftmed