Emily Osment Is Still Looking For A Halloween Party To Go To

Emily Osment talked to TWIST about either being ‘Twister’ or a pirate for Halloween. She doesn’t have a party to go to either. Very surprising that Miley isn’t having one. Sprouse Twins and Meaghan Jette spill under. Thx JuniorCelebs! Does everyone else have their party plans confirmed?

  • http://hollytauntes.com maddie

    http://hollytauntes.com AWESOME CELEBRITY NEWS THERE!!!!!!!!


    Aww man! Emily just missed my friend Ashley’s party night before last. Haha it was amazin.

  • Melinaxo


  • Anonymous

    you posted the sprouse twins twice!

  • Anonymous

    Emily should hang out with Selena and Demi!!


    So not going to happen. She fares better staying away from them.

  • typical of OceanUP!! any excuse to trash miley! im surprised you didnt mention how great selena is and about her halloween plans.

    you jerks!

  • ashley

    hahahha cole and dylan are so funny
    and cole is hotttt


    Emily should hang out with Selena and Demi!!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, I used to be so attracted to her. Now, she just looks like the female version of a kid I met over the summer…

  • Anonymous

    first sounds like she’s lonely

  • ilovetaylorlautner


  • Anonymous

    its just 2 sprouse ones under.. i dont see meagan?

  • Teresa

    Why is it suprising that Miley isn’t having a party? OceanUp needs to stop randomly insulting Miley. Jerks.

  • Anonymous

    new oceanup sucks. :/

  • Hales from France

    miley isn’t having a party coz she’ll be in France on october 31rst :p (im gonna see heer :D)

  • swiftmed