Jonas Brothers HALLOWEEN COSTUMES Before They Were Stars


Jonas Brothers Halloween Costumes when they were really young! Check out People for different stars and their costumes.

  • demi

    OMJ!!!! they look so cute!!! joe’s just like um yea, can we go trick or treating now?? enough pictures

  • x]

    they r all so adorable

  • kat

    i was blues clues when i was 5!!!!!

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    Nick Is Majorly Adorable!

  • Sadiezz

    Nick just made my day with this.
    Most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

    [And rock on, Game-Guy Kev and.. Something Joe! xDD]

  • Anonymous

    i remember i found out blue was a girl it changed my life forever ( im kidding)

  • Sneha

    Awww they look adorable!

  • Sadiezz

    “We did a Harvest Party at our church and the kids could dress up as a positive character,” mom Denise Jonas says of this pic from Halloween 1998. “Joseph was Grandpa Grape from Veggie Tales. Nicholas was Blue from Blue’s Clues and Kevin, I created that costume out of the pieces, he was the game Operation.”

    So Joe /was/ the guy from Veggie Tales.
    [This was taken from the ‘People’ website]

  • =D

    For All Of You Saying What Kevin Is
    Supposed To Be “ READ HIS DAMN SHIRT
    Bascaily He Is A Board Game. ..Operation..

    Joe Is Some Person Off Of Veggie Tales.
    Idk Which One. But I Think.
    Grandpa Grape. ??

    And You All < < I Hope >> Know What Nick
    Is Blues Clues. Even Tho. Blue Is A Girl.

    Do We Got It.

  • courtney

    shaaaa they’re so cute

    commmment please?

  • Adorable!

  • Anonymous

    aww so cute. y do they almost neva smile?


    OMFG NICK IS BLUE CLUES!!! thats so cute!!!

  • Jessica

    omj i wore that EXACT same costume when i was nick s age. for halloween of course duhhh

  • Anonymous

    haha i love nicks costume. hes adorable.
    if he were still that small i’d want to pick him up and hug him :D hahah.
    but i admit i hated blues clues when i was younger, i was more of a barney/doras explorers kid. haha

  • terri

    that is soo joe lol
    and nick is adorable

  • gladys

    hahahhaa nick is adorable !

  • Anonymous


  • it’s me

    awwwwwwwww man!
    look at nick !
    he’s dressed like blue’s clues *–*
    omg, so cute x)
    I used to love blue’s clues when I was younger ;)
    they all look adorable!

  • iwannabeyours


  • Anonymous


  • xoraeeee

    Kevin’s costume’s pretty radtastic

  • ;faksdj

    lol blue is supposed to be a girl i think.

  • sosfhdighih

    aw.. nick is soo cute

  • nikki


    REPOST IF YOU AGREE!!!!!!!!!!

  • riu

    aww they were soooooooooooo cute

  • Sade

    aw there so cute!

  • Alyxxx

    Aww cuuute.

  • nelly

    OMG!! they are so cute!!
    nick as blues clues!!hahha:D
    you need to love them

  • cecijonas

    aw <3

  • Anonymous

    aw they’re so cute

  • lindsay

    aww they’re so cute!

  • Amanduh

    AW! Look at nick!
    soooo cute!!! =)

  • Anonymous

    aww nick hes so cute

  • Molly and Emma


    Thats sooo cute!! Awwwwwww

  • Anonymous

    ahaha what the hell is joe???

  • Musicismybf

    Lol. I had that same exact costume (as Nick) when I was 5 or 4. Still have it in the closet too, lol.

  • KatJonasx

    aww nick is so cute!!! ^^

    i love him! he’s my future husband, :P

  • cait

    ahaha what the hell is joe???
    the od man pea from veggie tales. haha but i dont think thats joe cuz why would he be taller than nick(whos blues clues)? lol so confusing.

  • Alexandra Jonas

    so cute !
    i’m marrying nick.
    i already changed my last name.

  • jonaslover4eva

    Kevin’s costume’s pretty radtastic
    LOL!i know..its totally awsome..
    same goes for joes and nicks is just adorable!

  • l

    ahaha what the hell is joe???
    the od man pea from veggie tales. haha but i dont think thats joe cuz why would he be taller than nick(whos blues clues)? lol so confusing.


    wait r u asking who blues clues is cuz if u dont know then like where do u live

  • bridgettwilightfan

    so cute
    even then
    joe is like what
    nick is the most adorable thing in this pic
    lol kevin i love his costume!

    yay JB!

  • DemiOwnsMiley

    i love it
    nick as blue’s clue
    adorableee :]

  • Joy

    i totally get nick, but i dont get joe and kevin…

  • mileyfan7


    I saw this picture SO many times and I still cant figure out what Joe is.

    Someone said that he was “the od (old?) man pea from Veggie Tales”. lol

    I dont watch Veggie Tales and I never have, but is it REALLY that old?


    The best costume is KEVIN’s. He wins :)

    The cutest has to be Nick’s :p

    and the most bizarre (strange) is Joe’s. hahaha

    I love them!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Ohmigod. Nick.
    I effing love Blues Clues.
    And I love how Kevin went as a board
    game. xD

  • claire:)

    i have asked this so many times but what is joe supposed to be?

  • Joy

    well joe could be like kneeling

  • haha

    haha kevin was the cutesdt one when they were little and nicks blues clues costume made me lol litterally haha

  • Maddie

    joe is bob the tomato from veggie tales :)!

  • Gladys

    i love it!!!!!!! :]
    aghhhhhhh :D

    soo cute :]

  • Remi

    What’s Kevin supposed to be? o.o

  • wait

    wait i dont get it why does nick seem taller then joe and thats so wierd how kevin is that board game opperation.

  • isabella taquechel



  • TeamNiley

    nick is the cutest thing (:
    i just want him. lmao.

  • swiftmed