Jonas Brothers WALTER AND THE FARTING DOG Feature Film Debut


The Jonas Brothers will make their feature film debut in ‘Walter the Farting Dog,’ reports Variety. Based on a bestselling series of books by William Kotzwinkle & Glenn Murray, the film is being adapted into a family film that will revolve around Nick, Joe, Kevin & Frankie Jonas.

Shooting starts next spring and is a potential directing project for Peter and Bobby Farrelly. The title character in the ‘Walter’ books is a fat dog with severe flatulence. The brothers play musicians whose parents are asked to care for the dog by an aunt just before she passes away.Peter Farrelly said, ‘By the time they’ve driven the dog
home, everybody’s head is out the window of the family station wagon
but Frankie, and only because he has a serious sinus problem and
doesn’t notice the stench coming from Walter.’

While his brothers play music, Frankie and the gaseous hound get
involved in a plot that involves liberating a koi fish and thwarting
jewel thieves. The boys are repped by CAA and managed by Kevin
Jonas & Phil Levine.

  • Kayten

    love jonas but that sounds dumb.

  • mariah

    OKay, we get they’re BROTHERS and we get they’re MUSICIANS. Seriously, if they’re gonna act, at least play different characters. It’s all the same in what they do! They were a band in Hannah Montana, a band in Camp Rock and know they’re gonna be bands in this and their new JONAS show. Get over yourselves guys.


    Okay I understand what your saying
    And i think they shoud play characters too.

    But come on, The Jonas Brothers dont write the scripts…they just accept the roles. It’s not like they say “i’m only gonna be in your movie if i get to play a rockstar”

    I mean get real

  • Yvonne

    WTF? Kevin gets a TON of hate, while Joe is made to look a saint. Kevin gets the LEAST fan love. I dont know where your going with this Nicole

  • Tatiana

    Haha this is gunna be craaap
    but ill totally watch it when it comes on dvd

    lol watch frankie be a way better actor than the other three

  • dynamite

    I’m actually pretty eager to see the dog.

  • Anonymous

    i stay creepin

  • mel

    They’re singers, not actors. Sellouts.

  • Kaleigh

    OMGEEEE the guy that wrote that book lives down the street from me..
    haha in a way a feel closer to the boys..
    wow im cool ;p

    im creepin’

  • cait


  • Anonymous

    wtf please tell me this is a joke.
    that is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.
    “fat dog with severe flatulence” seriously. are they trying to gain more teenie fans?

    CREEPIN’, by the way [:

  • Anonymous




  • Laura


  • Anonymous


    i’m kinda hoping that this is false.

  • Alyson

    what kind of a name is that?!


    haha ill watch it cause i love jb ;)

  • Anonymous

    Managed by Kevin Jonas? So I’m guessing his part will be small. Wow that makes me sad.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t they just SINGGGG not everyone has to be multi talented. Gosh thats the only reason disney botheres me. They want EVERYONE to act and sing.


    please god no.

  • Anonymous

    a. They CANT act
    B. They can’t act
    C. They cant act

    Sell. Outs. Much.

  • alex

    WHAT A FUCKING RETARDED THING TO DO. stupid stupid boys.

  • kimmyy

    uhm, could they be doing anything more random?

  • me!

    i hope this is a joke

  • Nicole

    WTF? Kevin gets a TON of hate, while Joe is made to look a saint. Kevin gets the LEAST fan love. I dont know where your going with this Nicole


    Are we counting people with an IQ of less than 60? I’m elitist; I don’t count them. Most of those people are 12-year-old girls/trolls/crazy Miley fans/guys with nothing better to do. Their opinions lack weight. Hating on Kevin gets you ripped to shreds and fed to wolves, and hating on Joe gets nods of approval and, at worst, “you don’t know if he’s like that or not.” I see a difference.

    It’s not going anywhere. I was just explaining.

  • hannah



  • chadejonasty

    I don’t even know what to say…


  • http://fkjgdf Julie


  • Anonymous

    Haha, that sounds nice??? I love them though. :)

  • kathhh

    bahahaah, this sounds sooo retarded.
    i love them, but…
    they really dont have to do this.
    the whole acting as a band & brothers is getting old

    im creepin;
    hahah douche.

  • whaddup

    i love how they are in a movie
    when they cant act to save their lives
    its really funny
    SELL OUTS!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this better be a fucking joke.

  • Anonymous

    what with all the joe hating and you guys say he is mean to his brothers will obviously you don’t have brothers … im always like why cant my brother be like that

  • your stalker

    ahaha oh wow this will be interesting. I’m glad they are stepping out of disney but a farting dog…? Maybe my immature side will shine through and i will think this is hilarious when it comes out but right now yeahh sounds pretty stupid.

    p.s. i’m creeeeeeepin. =)

  • Lynn

    WTF. As much I love these boys I think this is so dumb and gay. Seriously. They should just stick to music right now. They have J.O.N.A.S. right now so what’s the point of making this movie? I don’t see the point of this at all honestly. This might hold out when they go back on tour for new episodes of J.O.N.A.S. but that’s all it’s going to do.

  • courtney
  • foji

    thats cool?

  • Carol

    You guys really don’t know how good they can act or not. They were in ONE movie that you’ve seen, and Kevin and Nick had like two lines. Joe on the other hand… let’s just hope he’s improved. It’s been over a year. They’ve probably taken acting classes since Camp Rock. Skills can improve a LOT in a year.

    These are completely different characters they’ll be playing. Give it a chance, sheesh.

  • a-r-i-a-n-a

    well wow.


    oh and …are you creepin?

    p.s. i love fluffy.

  • JoBroHo1234

    Even tho its about a farting dog the jobros are such great actors that itll pry be great and id see it anyday

  • asd


  • Sade

    haha, ok then…

    it must be funny?

  • rtjfdl

    oh godd
    i love them, but this sounds incredibly GAYY

  • =D

    What A Title.

    Baha. It’ll Prob.
    Be Funny……..

    But No.

  • whatever

    their not that good in acting

  • sam

    if there’s no reference to pumpkins, pancakes or socks, i’m not watching it.

    who’s creepin??

  • Anonymous


    and what the fuck

  • lex tizz

    i sincerely hope this is fake.


  • alysssaaa

    the farting dog?
    poor elvis.

    and creeeeeeping.

  • Valerie

    A farting dog? Seriously, this must be some kinda early april fools…
    It would be funny to see, but yeah doesn’t seem to real to me.

  • Bobby John

    OKay, we get they’re BROTHERS and we get they’re MUSICIANS. Seriously, if they’re gonna act, at least play different characters. It’s all the same in what they do! They were a band in Hannah Montana, a band in Camp Rock and know they’re gonna be bands in this and their new JONAS show. Get over yourselves guys.
    Uh…maybe because they’re a band? And that’s what they will do in their acting career, they will work together as a band?

  • danielle.

    If the Jonas brothers are in it, I’ll watch it. Hahahahah.
    And I’m loveing that picture, oww ooweww ;)

    Oh my nicccckk :)

    Hothorhothothorhorhotjothrhro yum…

  • lex tizz

    It needs to involve several vital things,

    any i forgot?

  • deavin

    this isnt real.

  • Daniella

    sounds retarded..but its jb

  • katee.

    is this ferreal?
    tell me it’s not.
    ohwow. sorry, but no.

  • Jessica

    Okayyy..? A farting dog? Who will see this besides 9 year old kids? I’m sorry. I’m not exactly big fans of them and I know a lot of you are, but this is just…lame.

    For one thing, they CANNOT act. Judging from Camp Rock, they’re very stiff (well, Joe only since the other two were barely part of the movie). Especially in emotional scenes, they make me laugh AT them and roll my eyes, not reach out for them. And also, do they HAVE to do EVERYTHING together? Seriously, the 3 of them is more than enough, but to bring their little BROTHER into this as well? I’m surprised they don’t bring in their real parents too– just to make it an entire Jonas family affair.

    And I’m not even a hater. I’m just thinking critically about this and for sure, this isn’t going to be an Oscar winner…

  • marie:)

    hahah rtjdl im whit you. But haha that’s so sweet that frankie gets to be in the movie whit them.

    Ps: i’m creeping

  • Jessica J

    umm ok???sounds weird but frankie rocks lol

  • jacky


  • JennyJenny

    I hope this is a joke.

  • Yvonne

    Managed by Kevin Jonas=Kevin Jonas SR(Papa J)

  • Kelly

    OKay, we get they’re BROTHERS and we get they’re MUSICIANS. Seriously, if they’re gonna act, at least play different characters. It’s all the same in what they do! They were a band in Hannah Montana, a band in Camp Rock and know they’re gonna be bands in this and their new JONAS show. Get over yourselves guys.

  • Sneha

    Dear lord I love them to death,
    But please let this be a joke.
    I think it is.
    I mean ive always dreamed of them breaking out of Disney, but this is not the way to do it.
    Whatever. Jonas still pones.

  • jb

    wow if this movie is sentalmental and the title is that im going to laugh so hard.
    p.s. im so going to see this awsome movie. i cnt wait.
    p.s.s. i think i spelled sentalmental wrong lol but that ok, whatever.

  • Anonymous

    i had the book.

    then i lost

    i read the first like….12 pages. lol

    but i wanna get it,if its stupid i will still see the movie.

    if i like the book,i’ll still see it. lol

  • Jasmine Travick

    I’m creepin’.
    And shakin my head at this.

  • Lo

    Seriously? Take some different parts, jesus.

    They need to break away from this kiddy shit. Well, I guess that’s not possible since that makes up a lot of their fan base.

    Love them, but it’s getting kinda old.

  • Anonymous

    are you serious???????

  • Hmm wow, no words lol.


    Are they serious? It’s great they are doing kid movies though, it’s sweet that their brother gets to act with them but still lol.

  • m!leyfanforever.


  • Nicole

    what does creepin’ mean?? TELLL MEEEE PLS!!


    It means that they’re a bunch of crazed teenage fundamentalists who are stupid enough to believe the Jonas Brothers are ~perfect~ and go crazy and cry when told otherwise. It also means that they are not clever, but have been deceived into believing they are through a mixture of hive mind mentality, stupid inside jokes no one cares about, and stalking. They have a facebook account where “secrets” are posted about the Jonas Brothers, except that most of these “secrets” pertain to stupid inside jokes no one cares about or how much they “love” a certain brother. 0% of the things posted on Jonas Secrets are actually secrets, and 99% of the comments are either about stupid inside jokes no one cares about or how a certain brother “looks hot in that picture.” The remaining 1% are about how Joe has ~lost his way~ and the commenter is ~so disappointed~ in him. They enjoy commenting “are you creepin'” anywhere and everywhere as a way of seeming clever and in the know. They are, in fact, just annoying, and their ubiquitous nature pisses off everyone with a brain.

    I never thought I’d say this, but after all the stuff that’s happened in the past, eh, two or three weeks….


    As a group? Forget ‘em. Team Joe Jonas in a heavy metal band? That would be a heck yes. Get out before you’re too far gone, bb.

  • krissi

    what does creepin’ mean?? TELLL MEEEE PLS!!

  • chloe

    hahaha :L
    im creepin’

  • alittlebitlonger

    wow they are great musicians and i think they need to stick to the music

    they are not that great of actors i think

    but whatever floats you boat
    i don’t really care

  • Liza

    Haha wow weird.
    My brother checked this book out of the library a few weeks ago.

    And I’m creepin.

  • Nicole

    Team Joe Jonas, WTF? Joe aint this whole group. Kevin and Nick are a MAJOR part of JB. I hate when some think the entire JB band is just Joe


    I’m not a stupid fangirl. I don’t like him because he’s hot (he looks like Mr. Bean, tbqh). Of course, they’re very important to the Jonas Brothers. Good for them, but I’m kind of pissed off at the Jonas Brothers right now so I don’t particularly care about that.

    Everyone acts like Joe is so dispensable (no, I’m not talking about 12-year-old girls who just think he’s cute and will forget about them in two weeks), that he’s stupid and mean and arrogant and untalented. Everyone over the age of fifteen in this freaking bandom thinks that Kevin is sososo amazing and Joe is omgsecretmeanness. Well, fuck them. If he’s so dispensable and just there for looks, why don’t they dispense with him and put some other “talentless,” cute guy in his place?

    It’s everywhere. Look at the freaking Rolling Stone article. It went a little something like this – Nick is the ickle genius with all the talent and drive and wtf-ever else and Kevin is so nice, with his smiling in pictures (and his new found attention whore streak, GOTTA LOVE THAT). He must be Jesus with all of his… smiling and his insane fans who are going to burn down my house someday XD. And Joe… has large eyebrows. Yeah, man, looks like Peter Gallagher. Such… eyebrows, and he might be cute, if it wasn’t for those eyebrows. Because that’s such a complimentary thing to say about a person: “You’re… good looking… and that… well, that’s all.”

    Clearly, he wouldn’t have tried to do Camp Rock on his own if he didn’t want to do it on his own. Whether or not other people were added in later is irrelevant. So yeah, I’m sensing an independent streak, and Metal is my cultural heritage so it makes perfect sense. TJJIAHMB.

    And. That. Is. What. I. Think. About. That.

    WTF is up with me ranting like crazy in every comment on this post? XD This is the Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell of comments. Everyone else defends Kevin, and I’m not a follower so I got a different cause and I’m vehement. Haha.

    That took a long time. I need a nap.

  • nana

    JB’s really trying, eh? I really thought they were even too cool for something as lame as this but seems like they’re willing to do ANYTHING to compete with Miley as the #1 disney act. I mean first the 3-D movie, than the TV show, now this? At least Miley’s got a somewhat more respectable and credible movie under her belt based on a Nicholas Sparks book. Losers.

  • Yvonne

    Team Joe Jonas, WTF? Joe aint this whole group. Kevin and Nick are a MAJOR part of JB. I hate when some think the entire JB band is just Joe

  • http://gdhsla@hcjdls.cpm Katie

    HAHA! WAIT, SO IS THIS GONNA BE A MOVIE?? THATS CRAZY! lol im excited :) jb is amazing!

  • Tessa

    Seriously? Well, uh, that’s really lame.

  • Twihard

    hahaha anotehr film that will be worse then camp rock with jb in it!

  • Anonymous

    this sounds kinda fake..
    but if it’s real
    i’ll watch it cause i love JB..

  • melani

    I hope this doesn’t happen. That movie sounds like crap for sure.

  • Anonymous

    what? I kinda hope this isn’t real,…just cuz of the title and all.

  • :)


  • :)


  • Athena Marie


  • Serena




  • sophia

    wow. brothers AND muscians. thats a stretch from camp rock where they only played muscisians in a band together.

    ooh i wonder how the other 2 would feel if only one of them won an oscar.

    p.s. im creepin

  • Anonymous

    i doubt new show, camp rock 2, new album, world tour, and it isn’t with disney but variety magazine is pretty serious source so ?

  • corie

    i hope this is a joke



  • helene

    ahahah *dead* i use to read those books when i was little. they made me crack up, i would totally see that movie with my little sister hahaha

  • lisa

    haha random. i heard the books were pretty funny. i feel like frankie, might have more of the main role instead of the boys. i don’t know though. eh. we’ll see, i guess. haha

  • Yvonne

    I dont really care about the subject matter of the topic here. I’m just lovin seeing Kevin in a tank top

  • Shannon

    creepinnnnn. <3

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