Jordin Sparks Addresses Jennifer Hudson MURDER TRAGEDY

Jordin Sparks and other person, The JoMo Show.We offer our condolences to my girl Jennifer and other random.’ What happened to the Mayanna and Ro & Co Show?!


  • lisa

    haha i love jordin
    the whole laughing without smiling really made me laugh.

  • me

    BAHAH! AWESOME SHOW! Whooaa. alice and bella. she has cool alice hair that morgan girl :P That’s awesome that she reads twilight, right when she said vampire i was like “TWILIIGHT!!” wow. twilight’s taken over my mind.

    I feel bad for jennifer hudson :( god bless her and her family.

    HAHA, that no laughing without smiling video on youtube is awesome!

  • Me<3

    theyll be in my prayers!
    but yeah her nails r awesome and its rue its like imposible to laugh with out smiling

  • balls

    Who is her super hott friend?

  • Aubrey

    i love jordin. And hearing about Jennifer and what happend to her mom, brother, and nephew is devastating. She will be in my prayers and i just hope she hangs in there.

  • Kelly


  • Kelly

    yeahh thats really sad how that happend to her

  • Anonymous


    Love JOANDMO

    RIP <3

  • xoraeeee

    Jordin’s cool but it’s getting a little annoying how everyone has to have a webshow now

  • Anonymous

    ..hey guys its jo
    ..and I’m
    ..and this is thejomo show


  • xoraeeee

    By the way I didn’t watch the video but I heard about Jennifer’s mom and brother and I feel bad ='[

  • alex

    what’s the mayanna show?

  • swiftmed
  • swiftmed