• RT! :)

    ahh! they wer so cute!
    especially selena!

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  • kim

    lol chuck norris :]
    wow mitchel looks very small like in hm´s first episode

  • sarah

    1st comment!
    wow the look soo young!

  • ha

    i think im first and thats so cool how they were on this show and then they went to disney

  • http://www.youtube.com/demilovatofan002x Sophie < CLICK FOR YOUTUBE!

    aww they look well cute :)

  • NoName

    nick and selena’s relationship confuse me

    judging from the recent pictures from the Carousel Of Hope Ball

    Nick’s back sporting his bracelet that was gone for 2 weeks


    I heard Selena was suppose to attend the ball ..I saw pics of Chelsea Staub …but no Selena….is it because Nick was there??

    did they break up or are they still together??


    ahhh they were sooo cute!
    i used to have that shirt selena had on but in white!

  • Anonymous

    aw mitchel he’s my fave

  • Kelli

    WAIT! What happened to Jeremy? I must know now!!

  • Anonymous

    Aweh, they’re so cute.
    They were already good actors.
    Damn it, I want to watch this show now.

    Wow, I like how this article has the least comments.Just because it’s not something people can rag on. And not about Nick.

    Oh, I’m so sure, Marr. Jeez. She’s like the least diva girl in the Disney business.

  • Anonymous

    Selena deserves an Emmy.

    Hahaha. She’s such an elite actress.

  • Jessica

    nick and selena’s relationship confuse me

    judging from the recent pictures from the Carousel Of Hope Ball

    Nick’s back sporting his bracelet that was gone for 2 weeks

    I KNOW! Damn. I was so stinkin’ positive about their relationship being over. And then all of a sudden, he started wearing it again. I was like “what the heck?! Make up your mind!” ahahha. Yeah, I’m back to being confused now. But, I actually still think they are broken up or at the most, they broke up and are now back together? lol I have no idea anymore. I could be wrong about the bracelet though. Maybe it has nothing to do with her… I never did state it as a fact, but just an assumption.

    Though, from the way everything stacked together in my mind, it did seem like the bracelet connected the two. So, who knows? Maybe they never broke up and just decided to start saying that they aren’t together anymore. Maybe the did break up and are now back together again. Maybe I was totally off and none of my assumptions were right before ahah. You never know…lol

  • Aw Mitchel and Selena was adorable in that clip. They were so cute!

    Also what is this about a bracelet? I’m not up to date with this stuff but how did Nick’s bracelet get linked to Selena? Do we know she gave it to him or are people assuming again?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see this post =[

  • cristina

    what happened to this kid?!?!?!?!!
    i wanna know
    omg imma go and find this whole epi!

  • marr

    ummmmzz. No thank u

    Selenas great but not elite
    She use to be sweet and innocent but she becomes a diva
    Hollywood diva
    Lykez no offense she’s great and funny but i saw her at coffee bean and I saw a taping.

    She thinks shes queen of the world.
    Its so sad too

  • swiftmed
  • brenda

    hi how are you your pritty good ok?