Taylor Swift‘s new song ‘You’re Not Sorry.’

  • Anonymous

    This song reminds me of these people I thought were my friends. They kept canceling things on me, and showing little to no interest in me. In school, I felt like I was intruding on their conversations. Then an entire summer passes with me hearing from them only once. That was the last straw, like in the song. I got some real friends after that.

  • kait

    this isn’t about joe

  • Anonymous

    no this could be about joe because this just came out && they broke up like 2-3 weeks ago.
    plus its really obvious.
    jb has a song called “sorry” … she has one called “your not sorry” &&& all her lyrics in this refer the the lyrics in jb’s song.

  • lisa

    its not about joe. this song is on her record which done before this whole breakup deal.

  • lisa

    love the song though.

  • danielle.

    I think it is about joe. Like the lyrics do match up ( Sorry )

  • Ashley

    The people who think this song is about Joe are fucking idiots. End of story.

    How could it be about Joe when they JUST broke up and she recorded it months ago?

  • danielle.

    but really it shouldn’t really matter it is or not because it’s their personal like and they tried to keep it a secrecy for a reason. But I love taylor songs, I just don’t really like her much. Idk why. Just do. But this song is great, I think :)

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    nice song but this isn’t about joe!
    she wrote it way before, so yeah get over it.

  • maddie

    no, taylor wrote this song a year and a half ago, it’s not about joe,

    but it’s SO amazing, :)

  • danielle.

    LOL sorry for the spelling mistakes. But you get what I mean. And it’s not that I just spell it wrongs, it because when I type something, sometimes it changes what I write…. I’m on my iPhone and it always does that to me…:(

  • Anonymous

    i feel like a new song comes out by her every day.
    but i have to say for a “country” artist, she’s my favorite. i actually like all of her songs. this one is okay, kinda slow for me and boring though. but she’s still really good [:

  • danielle.

    Hey, who really knows if it is or not? And it didn’t really matter. But the Jonas brothers song ” Sorry” was also writen like last year too. So they could been going out then too. So yeH, it’s not your buisness anyway, so YOU GET OVER IT.

  • Hyper[Hypothesis]

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!LOL amazing song! lol its pretty awesome! fits me in so many ways!

  • banananana

    no this could be about joe because this just came out && they broke up like 2-3 weeks ago.
    plus its really obvious.
    jb has a song called “sorry” … she has one called “your not sorry” &&& all her lyrics in this refer the the lyrics in jb’s song.


    uh…no. thats just stupid. first their cd came out way before they started dating. and her song were recorded way before they started going out too. its not about him. you cant just finish a cd in like 3 weeks.
    nothing on her cd is about him.

  • blah

    I LOVE JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she broke his heart. Poor Joe! I love you babe!

  • Nikki

    i dont think she WROTE this for Joe,
    but i do think she PICKED this song to be her new single because of Joe.

    who agrees?

  • harvey

    Like Taylor but she seems to “fall in love” a lot, Both Sorry songs were written before they even met, Still I am sure we will get some songs about Joe soon. The break up was nobodys fault they are both great people but maybe just not together.

  • goshNICOLE

    This can’t be about Joe. This is from her new album coming out. All of the songs on it were recorded before the summer that Joe and Taylor allegedly went on. ‘Sorry’ by the Jonas Brothers also couldn’t be about Taylor because they wrote all of their songs before summer of 2008.

    Sorry to disappoint. I mean, it could go along with their story (if they even have one), but it wasn’t specifically written for each other.

    I love this song though. I love Taylor. But I also love Kevin, Joe and Nick. I’m not taking anyone’s side. I take both! haha.

  • mileylover

    i like this songg<3

  • courtney

    love that songgggggggggggg {:


    ^commmmmmmmment it :P

  • deborah

    love her voice!

  • http://www.alwaysvj.com Carol

    What an unflattering picture.

  • Mitchie?

    this is so beautiful!
    She’s so amazing! :)

  • lisa

    aww love her

  • Tiffanyyy

    I love this song. its really pure and easy going. Love it!!!

  • ashh ( :

    I love this song. She’s amazing ( :
    She just gets better and better with her songs. I can’t wait for her album!

    Thanks for posting this, oceanup! Keep working with the new site; some links (like contact and affliates) don’t work.

  • Steph

    This is def. about Joe..
    Poor Taylor :(

    I love this songg.

  • hi

    *cough* Joe *cough*

    Yeah. It’s totally about him.

  • emily


  • aura

    yeah this song was totally written pre joe, it’s for her latest album which she wrote before she started dating him

    i love it!

  • Jess

    I can’t be about joe because you dont understand that someones album can be done and than it takes awhile for it to get out there
    plus she wrote this song def before him, and no way its on the album and they just added when they broke up like a month ago?

  • Athena Marie

    awww, Taylor :]
    I like that picture

    and I doubt this is about Joe… all of her new songs were written a while ago before the *tear*… breakup :[