Hilary Duff REACH OUT Official MUSIC Video PREMIERE

  • Teresa

    Eww. Maddona copycat much?

  • Anonymous

    She remind me of Brotney Soears here -the bet the look the gesture everythink I hope she won’t go on the way britney went

  • c

    she can’t do the “sexy” thing well.

    but i loved some of the dresses she was in, in this video.

  • d

    4th:) and ick like seriously what happened to her???

  • wagui

    e dale hilary

  • Anonymous

    i like it. i like the scene in the video.

  • -

    this somehow reminds me of Kate perry.. the clothing mostly

  • kelly

    what happened???
    she cant do sexy….

  • Anonymous

    is it me but in some scenes she looks like gwen stenfani?

  • sfdjaslgksjdf

    What the hell do you guys expect her to be lizzie mcguire her whole freaking life?

  • Dorothy

    definatly a different image than she used to have… probably what she’s going for…

  • Anonymous

    very different. but i liked it.
    sometimes it seemed like she was trying TOO hard to be sexy though..
    but she’s gorgeous.
    and the song is kinda catchy.

  • Anonymous

    its not her at all, doesnt really suit her voice all that well
    its so ridiculously over the top slutty that its bad. sometimes provocative is edgy, and people go for it. well not this time. she missed the mark

  • Alyson

    yeah okay i love hilary but
    this just cracks me up
    especially when she sucks on the guy’s thumb
    she’s trying too hard

  • Anonymous

    I miss the old Hilary!! :(

  • Emi

    ehhh… ok then…. O_o

  • http://www.myspace.com/retardgirrrl retard girrrl

    the song reminds me of Katy Perry
    and yeah, looks like she can’t do the ‘sexy thing’.
    i liked the song but it’d be better without that guy singing

  • dude jonas

    P-E-R-F-E-C-T *-*

  • Shelby

    Ok I know she’s like 21 now…
    but honestly it makes me sad that she’s trying to switch up her good girl image

    lol at the song…its to the tune of the 80’s song “Personal Jesus”
    Instead of “reach out, touch faith”
    she switched it to reach out & touch me”

    very original hilary :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/KatJonasx KatJonasx

    This sounds like
    Beware of The Dog by Jamelia
    but i still like hilary
    Shes super pretty(:

  • bridgettwilightfan

    i like the song
    i love hilary i mean she will always be my role model
    but the whole thumb suckin sex appeal..i didnt like much…maybe shes trying to reach out to fans to say shes changed and grown up..but yea thats kind of to sexy…but i still LOVE hilary

    shes so pretty and has a good voice

    so thhumbs up!


  • lucy

    love the clothes!! nice song… but WTF, thumb-suckin!! are u seriously???

  • yupi

    the only thing i like about this video is that dude’s raybans.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like this better if there wasnt some scruffy guy trying to sing over the song and ruin it. Why does everyone have to do that now?

  • cunha

    hilary is the best singer!! i love her ! i am a fanboy xD

  • woah there

    woah there trying a little too hard there
    her teeth are so fake

  • amelia

    shes cute but this video’s awkward lol

  • Anonymous

    finger suckingggg

  • Karis

    So perfect!

    Go Hilary!!!

  • blaise

    hilary will ALWAYS be my idol!

    shes so nice, and amazing and pretty much the most awesome person EVER.

    this video suprised me, i wasnt sure how i felt about it at first.
    but as hilary has said “being sexy can be fun” and i feel like she was “sexy” while still keeping her “dignity”

    shes amazing, and shes trying new things.
    GO HIL!

  • Renee

    i love it, the song and the whole sexy vibe, GO HILARYYYY

  • Anonymous

    Ok, she’s trying something new…so what?

    it was trying to hard, but HEY THATS HOLLYWOOD.

    she’s been in the business for over 6 years, HOLYWOOD WILL OBVIOUSLY MAKE HER CHANGE FROM THE WHOLE GOOD GIRL IMAGE.

  • lalalal

    i love hilary and everything, but after seeing this video…i was honestly very surprised. she was trying way too hard to be sexy and the video overall sucked real bad.

    dont hate on me, it’s my opinion and everyone has different opinions!

  • kS

    umm…who is this? that’s not the hilary duff i know. well whatever i’m glad she’s out there trying new things

    p.s her hair is kind of awful…

  • massie

    Madonna + Lady Gaga = Hilary Duff

  • massie

    Oh and when she is sitting on the couch it looks like Avril in The Best Damn Thing

  • teamDemiand Selena

    man what the hell?! This is so weird! I’m A huge fan but like I’m a little disappointed right now. I know every one has to grow up but still this isn’t the Hilary I’m a fan of

  • J.A.

    she’s not 16 anymore
    and by the fact that hollywood records just pay attention to miley and jonas,
    and hilary isn’t a party girl she needed to be sexy, cause sadlly this is what people buy today

    I loved the video, she’s trying to be sexy on it, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a good person

  • em

    shes better at being cute :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/demilovatofan002x CLICK FOR YOUTUBE!
  • yay.

    :] she looks healthy again!

  • Mileyfan

    OK hunnie i love ya
    you know that
    but dont try to pull off a britney or christina
    its not working for ya hun, stick to the cheesy pop? kay? muah!

  • :|

    Thats… really disgusting. What happened to the old Hilary? She got replaced by a slut. Thats what.

  • Kristen

    Hilary is amazing. I love her with her blond hair back. (she looked great with black also) She looks healthy again like back in the Metamorphasis days.

  • melissa

    ewwww..! :S she lOoks like madOnna, bRit & a lit Of
    bit of kate perry! yUck!

  • Anonymous

    Seems wrong to look at Lizzie McGuire trying to be sexy….

  • Vanessa Ana Michelle Rodriguez

    wow que ha cambiado a lo largo de los años me usd a ser su fans cada vez más grande!
    Ella está tratando de ser sexy ahora todos!
    i todavía como ella Tho pero dosent Mader si se ata a todos los becaues sexy que es de 21 y ella ha sido mucho mejor que Miley Cyrus y BRITNEY SPEARS !!!!!!!!
    YAY LIS!

  • lovebegggginer

    she roooooooooooocks! Omg. I am REALLY a hd fan and I guess she is doing hot! better than me, probably better than you guys saying she is not, I guess :S

  • mileyfan7

    Oh… my… god.


    I like the song.

    Video… WOW. haha

    she has changed SO much.

    I still love her :)

  • diane

    whoa what happened to hilary?? shes changed so much!

  • Anonymous

    ewwww. i used to love hilary duff! now…. im not so sure.

  • swiftmed
  • lalalalalalala

    i was kind of disappointed with this. i love her so much, and she can do sexy, but this is trying way too hard. like, her rubbing on that statue. not cute. and licking all over that random guy’s hand. not so much.
    i am still a huge fan.:)