Rhino BOLT Hamster PREVIEW

This is the beginning of a trailer for Miley Cyrus‘ new animated film Disney film Bolt. Rhino the hamster is waiting to watch HSM3. Thx BennyandMaria!

  • Teresa

    Okay. I thought BOLT wouldn’t be that good at first but now it looks pretty cute. I wana go see it!

  • Anonymous

    That was hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    aww he’s adorable! but when miley’s name comes up in the opening credits when i see it, me and my friends said that we were going to boo. lol!

  • sfdjaslgksjdf

    haha, cute.

  • Leiana

    I wanna see bolt~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JennyJenny

    This was so cute!

  • amy

    is that music at the start. “we got the party”??
    i think it is haha

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I didn’t see Bolt. No apologies.
    That hamster is so cute!

  • swiftmed