Taylor Swift GOT MILK? Ad


Taylor Swift Got Milk? Ad. So random! Interview clip under.

  • Alexandra

    i like her blouse in the video

  • .*. Woahh its anna .*.

    haha this exact picture is hung up in my schools cafeteria lunch line thing!!

    random i know. :]

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla.[bitchassmotherfucker]

    i love her :]
    she’s awesomeee.

  • lauren

    oh god, last year at my school they had these got milk signs like taylor’s all over the cafeteria.

  • Charmaine

    haha i always thought the just painted on the milk.. haha it must stink to have it on your lip for that long. ew.. give her props with that.

    but honestly i think the got milk ads are stupid. i think they should focus more on athletes than musicians and actors/actresses.

  • anynomous

    w.e this one is freaken WAY better then the fucking ugly miley cyrus got milk ad hanging up in my schools cafeteria -_-

  • Briana

    she looks like a hackin prostitue

  • =]

    thats sexy lol

  • iheartjb915

    I love Taylor!! She’s amazing and so is milk! :]

  • DemiOwnsMiley

    i love taylor swift
    why would anybody not like her
    unless its for petty reasons

  • jbhb

    ewwww! her hair is sooooo frizzy!

  • http://www.uosland.blogspot.com UOSLAND

    see morr about Taylor Swift GOT MILK? Ad
    all new download full album

  • Jamie

    I like her music!
    And woo! Milk.


  • oceanUP

    Does this post work?

  • Anonymous

    Shes so sweet && gawgeouss of corse! =]]

  • mich

    wait how the hell is that random? :S

    and she looks very pretty as always.

  • oceanUP

    It’s so weird, it’s impossible to comment on the Zanessa post. They’re supposed to working on our server right now.

  • o_O

    i don’t see how there’s a change in this picture. i always thought that mustache was on her…

  • yetwufgcouyq


    i feel like vomiting now…

  • lisa

    love her <3

  • Team Demi:)

    and i hate this new site…no one comes anymore.

  • Kenzie!

    “lean muscles which… look good”

    nice taylor…

    i personally dont like her THAT much… soryy

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  • Laura

    she still looks like a rackoon

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    A PURITY RING would not stop me from doing all kinds of incredibly sexy things to her! :)

  • Tatiana

    She’s adorable! I just learned how to play Love Story on guitar.

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  • Ashley

    How is this random? I think it’s random that oceanup is saying that its random lol. Ya’ll posted Miley’s Milk Ad so I don’t get how Taylor’s is random. But anyways love her :)

  • summer; team jonas/demi!

    ew, she has another one?

    i say the jonas brothers get one :D im tired of looking at hers and mileys!!!!!

    also.. ocean up.. PLEASE GO BACK TO WORDPRESS, this site sucks honestly

  • sj

    love oceanup but lately yall have been straight up WACK
    AND STOOPID. >=l
    whuts random about this? taylor rockss!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    These were the curls, they were her signature curls IMO.

  • swiftmed