Ashley Tisdale SICK ON ELLEN

Brown haired Ashley Tisdale didn’t hug Ellen DeGeneres on her show because she’s SICK. Ellen shows the first commercial that the giddy starlet ever booked with JCPenney. Thx EdwinTV4!

  • biel

    hahah. (:
    aw, I love ashley.

    I miss her blond hair though.

  • laura

    when i grow up- pussycat dolls

  • pepe

    what does she has?

  • Julia

    Oh thanks a lot, Laura!

  • .


  • courtney

    that reallly sucks to do an interview when your sickkkk! poor ashley.

  • Anonymous

    aw <3

  • Julia

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song and the artist? pls I would really appreciate it! :)

  • brittany

    ashley is so cuteee :D

  • Louise

    gawd. two talent scouts have asked me to get into the buisness and both times i said no. now i wish i had said yes. x[

  • swiftmed