David Henrie says YOU have the potential to change this country. Why wait? VOTE EARLY! Find out how at Declare Yourself. Thx Alex at DHO!

  • lalala


  • nelly

    i lovee him!!!

  • Anonymous

    i declare david is perfect! love u

  • lalala


  • A.Kaye


  • (:

    david is awesome(:

  • Nickie

    He’s the cutest.


  • brittany

    david is sucha cutie <3

  • Anonymous

    Yes David, and I declare that you are hot :)

  • Anonymous


  • Schnookums (:

    Whoah, he has a really long neck lol.
    And he kind of reminds me of James Lafferty from OTH a tinsy bit

  • http://oceanup.com Person (team everyone bby)

    I declare him cute…

  • Anonymous

    I second that declaration =) He’s on Wizards right now =)

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  • sup boo

    ugh he is sooo hot, and so sweet in real life. love him!

  • ….

    David speaks the truth, hotly of course but he does. Everyone who is of age needs to go vote.

    Also that shirt + his eyes = amazing. He is so talented and hot I hope his career blows up after disney, he deserves nothing but the best!

  • C.

    My Mom voted today (: I can’t wait til I’m able to make a difference, too.

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    he’s so sexy!

  • C.

    My mom voted today (: I can’t wait til I can make a difference, too.


    oceanup, i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but barely anybody comments anymore, usually there’s atleast like 300 comments per post. I think that it has alottt to do with the new layout of the site. The ads are just pointless. Please go back to the old oceanup. otherwise, I gotta go find a new gossip site.

  • ash

    damn he is sexy

  • Mel

    Ahh David is soo hot! lol He looks like a mix of Ryan Gosling and James Lafferty! HOT!

  • emily

    he looks SO cute hereeeee (:

  • Anonymous

    Ahh David is soo hot! lol He looks like a mix of Ryan Gosling and James Lafferty! HOT!


    HAHAHA mel you´re totally right and im feeling sexy right now!
    david henrie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all disney people

  • sophie
  • lalala

    kay im gunna be lame.
    and piss people off
    but i was first :)
    yey. lol. XD

  • swiftmed