David Henrie HALLOWEEN Plans

David Henrie talks to TWIST at the Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween Carnival about his Halloween concert plans and wearing his Superman costume from 1st grade!

  • Anonymous

    Justice freakin’ rocks, man!

  • Anonymous

    i saw him at disneyland yesterday

  • Tatiana

    I wanna go to that thing hes going to!
    Im just going to the movies lol

  • Janica

    first! hot

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2008/10/david-henrie-halloween-plans.html#comments lala


  • I love that the camera is thisclose to his face cause I get to stare into his beautiful eyes but I’m kinda sad it didn’t zoom out for a bit so I could look at his hot body.

    Either way cute video, I love David Henrie.

  • oceanUP


  • Anonymous

    david in a kids superman costume……sexy and tight

  • skankburger


  • skankburger


  • aodkg

    this dude is awesome(:

  • Anonymous

    this dude is awesome(:

  • the tree girl

    thanks oceanUP for more hottness!
    im just here for the david henrie´s posts!
    and superman…yum yum yum

  • http://www.youtube.com/demilovatofan002x Sophieeeeeeee
  • Anonymous

    i only come to oceanup for david henrie too

  • swiftmed