Prince William VERSUS Prince Harry


Prince William and Prince Harry attended the premiere of the 22nd James Bond film ‘Quantum of Solace’ at Leicester Square in London on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Fame Pictures. More under!

  • gina jonas (kevins wife)

    they both make me vomit
    yeah girl!! i think this is the abby i know so what it is?

  • alittlebitlonger

    stop the miley hate

    oceanup is sooo baised

    i bet whoever runs this thing is but ugly

  • den

    prince william looks hotter, harry’s suit doesn’t fit him.

    lol the third option is hilar!
    And it gets more votes than prince harry! lmao

  • Madds.

    the one on the left.

  • Erinnnnnn


  • Anonymous

    damn. prince harry has grown up.

  • Chicka

    william. fo sho.

  • Anonymous

    prince harry duh!!!!

  • dasia



    the jonas brothers own both of them .

  • beth

    Harrrry :)


    jonas brothers own both of them .

  • Team Demi:)

    arent they both firecrotches?
    so neither.

  • what?

    umm i the guy on the left is hotter but idk what their names are

  • it’s me

    ‘IDK, I’m wating for the new miley cyrus pictures leak’
    this is so mean, stop hating on miley oceanup!

  • Sammy

    these photos are rubbish of the both of them
    but seriously, search prince harry on google you will see that he is the HOTTEST:D

    love him hahaha

  • Anonymous

    aw,poor boys the older they get the more they look like there father prince charles lol

  • jhgjhgj

    sam and dean jense and jared are wayy hotter then the jonas brtoher supernatural brother are cuite

  • Tatiana

    Lmao at how many votes the Miley thing got.

  • Anonymous

    IDk, I’m waiting for the leak.
    Willaim looked better when he was
    younger (:

  • Sammy
  • luigi


  • Anonymous

    im just waiiting for the new pictures to leak from slutty cyrus

  • Anonymous

    i’m waiting for the new leak too :] haha!
    jk, harry is hot!!

  • Jizzie

    i think we all know OceanUP hates Miley so if you dont hate her go away bichesz!!!!
    harry is hotter
    Selena is a princess!

  • me:)

    harry!:) hes way much hotter than william. i love him!!!

  • Anonymous

    milez pics pleasee!

  • Anonymous


  • me

    wow i’m such a typical american. i thought princes and princesses were only real in fairytales, they’re real in real life too!!!! wow. but yea i think the red haired one is hotter.

  • Jizzie

    * bitchesz
    and harry is hotter than will

  • Anonymous

    lmao but they’d looks like midgets next to the princes, sinces the jobros are like 5’10 and the princes are like 6’2.

  • abby jonas?

    they both make me vomit

  • Anonymous

    Duh… they r the princes of Britain!!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Prince Harry.
    Williams bald spot is too fierce for me.

  • swiftmed
  • Anonymous