Taylor Momsen Chace Crawford KISS

Second promo for episode 209 of Gossip Girl entitled ‘There Might Be Blood’. Nate & Jenny make out! The episode airs on Monday, November 3 at 8 PM on The CW. Thx tvobsessive2008! First promo under.

  • Kelly

    the excitement! :DDDD

  • Tatiana

    They already did last ep.
    Btw they have noooo chemistry.

  • http://fourwalls.blogg.se Thanh

    They already did last ep.
    Btw they have noooo chemistry.
    i mean shes a 93 and he is 85.
    you se the diffrence ?!?! the years…
    i got so jeouls :o.
    and i knew that dan would get pissed of hahaha.
    and i ahte agnesss x_x

  • lalaland

    Cant waittttt till this episode!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    they already made out
    once in the episode that just passed
    and another back in the episode when blair had that masquerade party and he thought she was serena

  • yaya

    i still cant believe they kiss that age thing just freaks me out a bit but whatever its just for entertainment purposes. and nate is a man whore but a sexy man whore lol. and i want to know why shes getting arrested. i cant wait for next monday.


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  • Anonymous

    OMG! I went crazy when I seen that monday…She is so lucky….She got to kiss SEXY CHACE FREAKIN CRAWFORD! I WANT HIS SEXY TAIL….OMG! OMG! I can’t stop sayin OMG! How she played it on the show I was like go girl b/c she kissed him first…Whooooh then he pulled her back….OK let me go b/c I want him so bad……

  • Queen B. (TEAM BLAIR)

    They had a full makeout sesh at the end of last ep… This is just getting reported?
    I thought it was kind of shallow because she got a haircut and now he wants to fuck her?
    I wonder if Dan will find out, now that would be good!

  • http://oecanup.com ChaceLover

    That Bitch better take her lips oof my HUSBAND! CHACE, YOU’RE TOO FUCKING SEXY FOR HER!LOL! THAt’s LUCK BITCH! I ‘d do anything to kiss him!

  • Anonymous

    I think I just threw up a little.

  • http://www.youtube.com/KatJonasx KatJonasx

    gossip girl!!!<33333


  • Brittany

    so excited

  • Ummm

    They already did lol

  • holly_

    they already kissed in the last episode =/





  • Anonymous


  • Jizzie

    Nate is a man whore, anyway he’s hot

  • saasssquatch

    cant waiitttt.

  • kristenn :]

    awhh i lovee gg<3

  • abby jonas?

    chace <3

  • bhj

    howww do you go to the second page of oceanup.com? i dont see itt like next entry

  • katie

    OMG I SAW THIS <333
    cant fucking wait.

  • Anonymous

    omg sooooo hottttt(:

  • Anonymous

    howww do you go to the second page of oceanup.com? i dont see itt like next entry

    at the very end of the first page it says:
    1 2 3 4…


    she’s 14 and he’s 23… awkward

  • Serena the Original

    I was wondering the same thing, BHJ. ^^

  • swiftmed