Twilight Cast Empire Photo Shoot

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  • OMI

    damn, has anyone seen the picture of all 5 of them by the table?

    that picture is sooo HOTT!!

    i love the cast for twilight.
    cant wait for the movie.

  • Jessica Christine

    I love at 3:30, how the photographer fixed Kristen Stewart’s hair, and then just after he fixed it she played with it and screwed it up again.
    Hah. Yeah, the chemistry between Rob & her is just incredable!

  • Ella

    I love Twilight, I’m so excited for the movie. Kristen & Rob are cute :)

  • katie

    i love that come hither look taylor is giving at like :58.
    they are a good looking bunch of people

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  • Stefanie

    they looks os good together kristen and rob

    dying to see this movie

  • someperson

    oooooh my gosh taylor’s so hot. i could eat him up. but you know. i’d burn my tongue. you could bake cookies on him! but there’d be dent marks from his abs. ;] jeeez man, i’d marry him in a millisecond.

  • Ashleejay<3

    the chemistry between rob & kristen is unbelieveable!.
    they’re kind of made for each other. :)

  • Anonymous


  • lily


    LOVE IT!!


  • Amari

    I love kristen… she is so odd…

    But i’m mondo pissed Alice wasn’t involved…

  • Anonymous

    Robert pattinson is a hottie

  • swiftmed