Zac Efron does The Ellen DeGeneres Show on October 30.

  • kayla

    miley cyrus’ AIM sn is aimmebabyx she has never before seen pics!!

  • Anonymous

    who would it be “aimmebabyx”?
    stop making stuff up.

  • Anonymous

    10th lol when zac said i MODELED it after ellen season 2

  • leo.g

    he’s so cute and funny…his laugh is so adorable :)
    “so u accidently cut off ur eye brow?”
    “yeah haha mmm” xD
    wanna know the story ^^
    “i actually stole my mum’s victoria’s secret” xD

  • lala

    he’s so hot and funny !

  • kautionitskelsie

    ahhaa i love him.

    lol he took his moms victoria secret mag. with tyra banks! lmfao. wat a guy.

  • Anonymous

    love him

  • Anonymous

    im not really a fan but i’ll admit hes freakin hotttt.

  • Anonymous

    lmao smack that.
    i remember that song

  • Anonymous


  • lo

    wow love him

  • Anonymous

    lol ellen is hilarious!

  • brittany

    zac is so cuteeeeee !

  • Liviiee

    lol at the victoria secret thing.
    even Zac Efron likes Tyra Banks?
    I don’t get it…ha.

  • swiftmed