Emily Osment talks boys with Popstar! at Soccer Mom premiere.

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  • Anonymous

    ahhh hahhhaaaa hahaaa i died laughing at her face like before u play the video ahhh ahhh haaaha i am laughing as i am writting this

  • brap

    shes hot

  • Kenzie!

    thats a LAME ass premier

  • anthony salomone

    I like emily osment she coming a fast rising actress in history she better then miley cyus she always will be better then her emily prove better then anyone i would date emily osment

  • mikayla

    finally something new

  • Anonymous


  • Love Ashley =]


  • Lauren


  • leah

    b4 you play the video. her face looks so funny

  • Aw Emily is adorable and such a smart and sweet girl.

  • dulce

    she is one of the most pretiest girl i’ve ever seen..no lesbian

  • amy

    aww. i like her, she doesent get enough credit… miley kinda steals all the spotlight.

  • kristen:]

    shes so pretty.
    i agree she doesnt get enough

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    This is great. Thanks so much for shraing. Fun to watch the video – shes so cute!

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