Kelly dressed up as Miley & Regis did Billy Ray. Thx Deanna!

oceanUP HALLOWEEN COSTUME Contest Announcement: Halloween is upon us! I’m sure many people will be dressing as half naked Vanity Fair Miley Cyrus, fully decked out Jonas Brothers and flannel clad Demi Lovato. So, it’s a fun opportunity for everyone to see how awesome your costume was!

Please email
with your entry. It must be PG-13, but there is no other specific
costume requirement. Since a lot of parties will be on this weekend,
the deadline submission is Monday, November 3 at 10 PM. Polling will go
up on Tuesday night. Prizes: TBA.

  • Anonymous

    kelly’s impression of miley’s man voice just made my life.

  • Anonymous

    how are you supposed to dress up at vanity fair miley cyrus?
    where a blanket around? yeahh rightt.
    its cold. hahha

  • Selena sucks

    Wow that was stupid and rude

  • i hate selena

    She could have been slutty gomez but no instead she chose to be pretty and rich cyrus.

  • Anonymous


  • ami

    ARE U fucking retarded? selena is not slutty, look at who is still has those slutty pics?? yeah fucking beaverface miley, lol i liked how kellie did the talk, sounds retarded like miley , yeah she’s rich great for her, i don’t see her helping kids out like selena, she actually helps kid a lot , like unicef, miley threw a party for herself, and made kids pay to get in , yeah well we don’t know how much she actually gave to charity if she even gave any.


    She could have been slutty gomez but no instead she chose to be pretty and rich cyrus.

  • Anonymous

    If Kelly Ripa portrayed Selena Gomez instead, it would not be funny. Cause Selena is very mature, polite, well-spoken and poise and its kinda hard to portray a person like that and trying to make her funny.

    But since Miley is normally bubbly, energetic, obnoxious, and repulsive with a loud, deep, valleygirl/sourthern accent, then it would be hilarious.

    Kelly did a great job!

  • mikayla

    god it was a joke get a sense of humor some ppl take things way to seriously its pathetic and it wasnt even that bad

  • deanna

    haha i sent this in :) this video is HYSTERICAL, i love miley though

  • Jessi

    kk,…. seriously to all you mocking this lady… its halloween!! she knows miley, and its up to her what she wants to do….

    also… to everyone saying she should be slutty whoremez… first of all shes not a whore or a slut! Selena is talented and a good role model. Kelly chose to be Miley becuase she is more famous and known… and becuase then Regis could be Billy Ray…….. now how bout yall tell me if she was Selena who would Regis be??

    ……… so everyone, keep the negativity to yourselves and

  • mikayla

    She could have been slutty gomez but no instead she chose to be pretty and rich cyrus.

    how can times are u gonna fucking say that we saw it the first no need to post it again and i seriously dont get why u bring selena up if you hate her if i hate somebody im not gonna bring them up in every convo its pathetic go get a fucking life and get yo fat ass of the goddamn computer

  • melani

    I love Miley but that was hilarious. I thought it was cute.

  • Calling People Sluts&Whores If They Are Still Virgins Only M

    Get a sense of humor people it was hilarious they arent making fun of them to be mean or anything its just to poke fun at and make a joke…..Miley did it to Selena and Demi so u cant say anything bad. Speaking of Selena calling her, and even miley and demi sluts and whores is stupid…..
    whores and sluts are people who sleep around alot….they are all still virgins! get a clue if they are virgins and sluts then what exactly are you?
    think about that one before you open your mouths again

  • natalie u.

    how the heck is selena a slut and a whore? you guys are just mad because kelly did an amazing job being miley!

  • melani

    Get the hell out of here, you must be kidding. Miley raises MILLIONS for charities.You didn’t see Selena working at her own birthday party raising money for charity and entertaining her fans.

  • Sneha

    Omg i almost fell off my chair when they introduced ‘Kevin’ ‘Nick’ and ‘Joe’.

    That was hilarious. ‘Kevin’ looked like Ernie from George Lopez.

    and Kelly did a dead on impression of Miley.
    Fans cant deny it was pretty funny.

    Jonas forever <33333

  • Anonymous

    lol u shoulda seen eklly in her other costumes
    the sarah palin one was the BEST!!!

  • Team MileyMandy

    Thats because shitty gomez doesnt have money nor fame or fans. LMAO


    that was kinda mean but really funny, i think he did a better job than she… his impression of billy ray was absolutly perfect!!! lol

  • Anonymous

    hahaha kelly got miley perfect. that gum! goodness. thats going to annoy me forever now

    im so pumped to see a the kids runnin around half naked sayin they’re miley cyrus. thats gonna make my night. the sayings true..halloween just givess girls a reason to dress like a hoe and it be perfectly exceptable.

    ha got to love it.

  • melani

    right, hahahahaha!!!

  • Anonymous


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  • miley FOREVER!!!

    hahahah that was hilarious

    but none of those guys really looked like the jonas brothers except the kevin one ahahha

    billy ray was a classic
    ahah ‘crazy cool’

  • Anonymous

    kelly did mileys “PEACE YALL PEEACCE” impression so

    with her low man voice…

  • Anonymous

    that was kinda mean but hilarious

  • Sadiezz


  • Team MileyMandy

    Why does that old lady fail at everything?
    She could be sel because we all know slutty whoremez fails at life.

  • Anonymous

    wow! i love them for making fun of those stupid bumpkins.

  • http://demi4eee demi4eee

    hahahahahahaahh wow, thats more than amazing.
    and cool for bringing up Selena..

  • swiftmed