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Demi Lovato Ignites Hollywood CHRISTMAS Parade 2008

Disney starlet Demi Lovato rocked out the Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday night. Dem waved to excited fans before taking the stage with her band to rock out a performance. She even jammed out on the guitar during the show. Photos: Fame. 15+


Taylor Lautner Talks Wig & New Moon

Teen Magazine had an awesome new interview with Twilight star Taylor Lautner [He still thinks he’s going to be in New Moon!]: On wearing the wig to play Jacob: ‘When I first heard that I was going to be wearing a wig I was really excited. I was like ‘Cool, I have never worn a wig before, this is going to be fun change my look up a bit.’

But then, after the first day of filming I was through with it. It was really itchy, it was always getting in my face! I’d be trying to eat lunch and it’s in my mouth and, yeah, even when were filming the scenes and I’m talking and it’s in my mouth and agh! It was quite the adventure with the wig. The good news is when Jacob transforms into a werewolf he cuts the long hair off, so I’d have regular hair.’
Who are you most excited to have see the movie? ‘I invited a lot of
people but I’m having one of my grandparents come out for the movie and
they’re actually going to the premiere. All of my family lives in
Michigan and every family member has read the books, I mean all four of
my grandparents, aunts, and uncles, everybody! It’s just crazy cool
that they love it so much!’

What excites you about the sequels? ‘If there happen to be sequels, I really like Jacob’s character
when he’s serious, because he gets so different. He almost has a split
personality. When he is his normal self he’s that happiest, friendly
kind of guy, and then when he’s a werewolf he’s all intense and grumpy
and Bella’s just like, ‘Whoa! What happened to you?’

So I look forward
to that, as an actor, challenging myself to be able to show those two
sides. And also the motorcycle scenes, they would be fun and make the
premiere more amazing. Plus, I get to see it with my family. My
brother, my mom and my dad are flying out to see it with me so it will
be nice.



Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Destiny Hope Cyrus had her first birthday party on November 23, 1999. Joining her in the celebration were Daddy Billy Ray, Mommy Tish and older siblings Christopher Cody [Billy Ray’s son from a previous relationship]..

..and Brandi & Trace [Tish’s kids, whom Billy Ray adopted]. Younger brother Braison and little sister Noah Lindsey came later. Destiny was also an amazingly talented young cheerleader. Check out more at People!


Dylan Sprouse Webchats With Fangirls

Dylan Sprouse likes webchatting with random girls. Have you ever chatted with him? There is a lot of drama behind these pictures, but the girls he chatted with want everyone to know that he’s ‘very nice’.