AVALON HIGH Disney Channel Movie

Disney Channel is making Meg Cabot’s popular book series ‘Avalon High‘ into a movie. Casting information at Acting Info.

Synopsis: Elaine ‘Ellie’ Harrison has just moved from Minnesota to Annapolis, Maryland while her parents take a year long sabbatical to continue their medieval studies in nearby DC. Her new high school, Avalon High, seems like a typical high school with the stereotypical students:

Lance the jock, Jennifer the cheerleader, Marco, the bad boy/desperado, and Will, the senior class president, quarterback, and all around good guy. But not everyone at Avalon High is who they appear to be, not even Ellie herself.

Eventually, it becomes apparent that Avalon High is a situation where the ancient Arthurian legend is repeating itself. Will, Jennifer, Lance, Marco, and Mr. Morton all correspond to King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Knight Lancelot, Mordred, and Merlin.

  • Danielle

    Please don’t post this closed information. This is an exclusive business and most of the time these breakdowns should only be released to talent agents. Please help the serious actors and actresses by not having people get information just to meet stars.

  • peanutbutterjellydance

    anime is great, it’s a cartoonish work of art, but NOT cartoonish at the same time

  • Alaina Hunsperger

    I should so be Elaine Harrison…

    My name is Alaina…

    It’s meant to be…

  • Anonymous

    How r u audtioning 4 ellie. I already did=] they sed the posting was “done”…k so yeaa thts all i gotta say.

  • Alicia

    I loved Avalon High! I hope Disney won’t ruin it!



  • —–

    Psh, u wish. Thats such a lie. They’ve hardly even made the script yet.

  • http://www.myspace.com/OhKJonasFans Jessica Schikore

    I love this book!
    It is amazing! I wish I could be in the movie!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I bet errr that girl from minutemen is going to be jennifer, it just wouldn’t surpirse me. and i think it will be a good movie for disney to do, its a bit different than usual and makes them think outside the box while still being in the box. maybe they’ll make more good movies with this there

  • Anonymous

    how dare they make movie out of a meg cabot book. -_-

  • http://keeptaylorproject.com gonna b ellie hehe

    this was the book that got me started reading!! i really want to b ellie in this movie! im an actress and im constantly searching to audition for a movie about something thats a part of me! this definatly is! i treid looking for twilight cuz i love that series but it was 2 big of a deal so they didnt put info out anywere. im trying to get an audition for blue bloods now but i just started trying so who nos? maybe both will happen 4 me! i hope so!

  • Jane

    That is my most favorite book EVER. It is amazing. Everyone should read it. It isn’t geeky at all. I hope it’s good. I’m sooooo excited now! I love ALL of Meg Cabot’s books!

  • cayce

    are you kidding me!? YES!! i love this book!!!!
    its gonna be an amazing movie. ohhhh IDEA! nick j can play lance. haha. and i’ll play ellie :) hahah jk.

  • Wendy

    Meg Cabot said in her diary that this is totally a rumor. They’re still working on the script.

  • Shae

    I am in love with that book.

  • tori

    haha this is for emma.
    we live in maryland.
    its soo pretty.
    you should visit sometime.
    and annapolis is wonderful.
    wouldnt you say so emma?


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    my gosh, now fame obsessed people are going to audition. thanks a lot oceanup… learn ways of living idiots!

  • mich

    haha this is for emma.
    we live in maryland.
    its soo pretty.
    you should visit sometime.
    and annapolis is wonderful.
    wouldnt you say so emma?

    what are you talking about?

    :S :|

  • thatgalnamedlauren

    how dare they make movie out of a meg cabot book. -_-

  • egurl

    OMG!OMG! my jaw like totally dropped when i read this article! i loved the novel version more that the manga version though, great read.

  • Melane

    OMG!!!! So freaking can;t wait..<3

  • kayla


  • Anonymous

    do you have an agent or are you just using the internet? Because i love to act as well and would love to make it my profession but my mom is totally agenst it and i obviously can’t be like “Hey mom can i have an agent?”

  • Love this book!

  • Josie

    Well this is fucking great. Now they can ruin a good book for me to.

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE meg cabot <3

  • uhh


  • OntheDL

    nothing will ever beat Sky High. =]

    Hahaha. Will Stronghold is gangster.

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    I am in love with this book. I checked Avalon High out at my school from the library. It’s a really cool book, you guys should read it. It’s about the life of teens in high school.

  • monica

    i’ve read this book 3 times.
    i love it.
    i hate how she turned it into this other series thingy though.
    but oh well it’s still pretty sweeet.

  • http://oceanup.com Person (team everyone bby)

    coooolll i love the book its awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I love that book!! =)

  • anne

    yay! i loved the book! actually i have it in my closet and read it from time to time. i just hate that anime picture though. it makes you think the movie’s gonna be weird

  • Anonymous

    “Just hope it doesn’t star Selena shitty Gomez.”

    fuck you. selena rocks forever!

  • Anonymous

    I like this book, I don’t really want Disney to make it. :/

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOO!! How can they do that?!?!? They’re going to fucking ruin it!!!!

  • anon…

    I love this book !!! But the movie need to be good
    too ! If Disney mess with everything … >.<

  • Ella

    I love that book , I’ve read it so many times :) I’m excited to see who’s going to be playing who :)

  • Stef

    omg that sooo cool its based off a school in Annapolis,Maryland!!!! i live like 5 MINUTES away from annapolis!! but i dont think there really is a Avalon High here….hahaha

    maybe they will shoot some scenes here!! but i doubt it!!

  • Emma

    Omg that is cool
    hope they dont ruin it

  • bukky

    heres my cast
    saleana gomez as Elaine harrison
    tony oller as lance
    meagan jette martin as jennifer
    david henry as will
    joe jonas as marco

  • Leanne Rose

    OMMGG!!! i loveeddd this book!
    im kinda like, bummed disneys making it into a disney channel movie. thats kinda lame, i wanted to see it in theatres like as a big good amazing movie cause the book was definitly awsome and this is gonna kinda ruin it… but oh well. still excited to see how it turns out. hopefully it wont be just some hour long tv thing like the rest of the movies.

  • Anonymous

    Just hope it doesn’t star Selena shitty Gomez.

  • Anonymous

    they’re not going to ruin it.
    i’m audtioning for ellie.

  • Anonymous

    they’re not going to ruin it.
    and i’m audtioning for ellie.

  • rillee

    they’re not going to ruin it.
    and i’m auditioning for ellie.

  • swiftmed