Chace Crawford MERCER MAN

Chace Crawford goes for a walk after departing the Mercer Hotel in Soho, NYC. Photo Credit: Fame Pictures. Has anyone gone to see Chace‘s new movie ‘The Haunting of Molly Hartley‘?

  • Anonymous

    smexy beast

  • blah


  • ha ha


  • Krystal

    He is soo gorgeous :)
    He rocks in the movie too.

  • abbie


  • Anonymous

    i saw it the ending suck

  • nina

    everyone cares about him
    every comment (except yours) says omg he’s so hot
    and all you care about is the jonASS brothers,
    don’t get me wrong,
    i guess i kind of like them and whatever,
    but no one wants to hear all about them.

  • ashh

    this post is about chace and only chace. get out of here obnoxious jonas fans.

  • bambi

    i saw the movie.. he looks sooo hot in it.. and in person.. lol. :]

  • helena

    i saw the movie it was really good and he is so hot and ha ha there is enough jb miley selena demi on this site already

  • kaitlyn

    this post is about chace and only chace. get out of here obnoxious jonas fans.

    yo don’t call us “jonas fan” obnoxious.


    He is sooooooo hot. I saw the movie. It was really good.

  • Cass

    i saw the movie
    he looks beyondddd amazing in it!
    the ending was a bit whatever,
    still a good movie. Chace just made it better :)
    muchhhhh better

  • Mundii

    gonna see the movie tomorrow!

    but …. sexy! =]

  • Bru

    OMFG! He’s soooooooooooooooooooooo sexy :9

  • dani

    I care about him. And if you want news from them, I want news from Chace! ;)

  • Anonymous

    YES! i saw the movie!!!!! the only reason i saw it was because of chace! :D haha he was soooooooooooooo hot in it!

  • kelly! :)


    I effing love him.

  • Marta LOVES Chace

    i loveeeed The Haunting of Molly Hartley.
    he was sooooo hot. i loved the ending ? haha

  • dunya

    genteee q cara lindoooooo!!!!!!!!!!=DDD

  • liz

    i saw the movie. OMJ he sooo hott!

  • Angie

    This boi she be in bed with me! LOL!HE”S FREAKIN SEXY! I CAN’T STAND IT!

  • rebeca

    I saw the movie. It was pretty good except that the ending sucked. But he looked really hot.

  • jake

    the movie was great! the ending was…weird…to me at least!

  • Anonymous

    i only saw the haunting of molly hartley bc of him!!!!!!! the movie sux but he is GORGEOUS in it!!!!!!! btw he looks like he would be a good laccrosse…SOOOOO HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    sooo fucking hot.

  • Tatiana

    What happened at the end?

  • Brittany

    -Chace Crawford is soo SEXY

    -I saw the movie he looked hott in that too
    i loved the movie overall though

  • Anonymous

    id totally…..

  • cat

    yeah i saw the movie but some of it was confusing and i didn’t get the ending either.

    Gossip girl rocks my socks.

  • Anonymous

    DAMN hes hot! :P

  • taylor


  • taylor


  • Anonymous

    I wanna watch the movie , but I can’t :(

  • Anonymous

    Why does he live in a hotel , if hes always in NYC???

  • Anonymous

    My Lord, hes hot.

  • Anonymous

    gossip girl freakin ROX!


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