Blake Lively Martha Stewart Show

Blake Lively dressed as Cleopatra on Martha‘s show.

  • Anonymous

    haha!!! love the cake it looked super cute

  • Anonymous

    dott dot dot.

  • Anonymous

    I think her grandma (in the show) is the one who is going to die this season.

  • Andrea

    umm w.t.f

  • dfgdfgdf

    ok, i love blake and all… but this was just gay. martha puts me to sleep. and she tries a little too hard

  • Patricia


  • Anonymous

    16 mins?
    ahh i dont wanna watch this.
    too long.

  • sarah


  • paris

    go blake,.
    but that show is just plain cheesy…..

  • lea.mkr


    that was a weird episode they went a little over the top.

    haha, but at least martha isn’t in jail anymore.


  • Anonymous

    martha = boredom

  • den

    wow…. poor blake. I was like 2 minutes into the video and no matter how much i love blake i cannot watch anymore of it.

  • swiftmed
  • payday advance company

    that is great. i had no idea they could dress up so well. pretty dang creative costume for martha.