Hayden Panettiere Hollywood Diva

Hayden Panettiere posed in a flowing black gown at
Annual Alfred Mann Foundation Innovation & Inspiration Gala in LA
on Sunday. Hay enjoyed a small get together at Beso in Hollywood on
Saturday night with her Heroes costars. Photo Credit: Fame Pictures. +10 under!

On Sunday afternoon Hayden and Teen Vogue teamed up to promote the new clutch she designed for Dooney & Bourke with a fun party. There were about 200 people overall, but about 50 in the store at a time.

Rachel said, ‘Hayden was signing her new clutch for people who bought it, and signing a catalogue for people who bought anything else. She was so nice, down to earth, and was even more gorgeous in person.’

  • Anonymous

    enlarge the fifth picture and she has a mustache-e-oh!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    why is everyone wearing the bright red lipstick?

  • yomama

    She is insanely gorgeous.

  • kristi

    I don’t quite like the first dress, but she looks really nice in the second one. :]

  • Anonymous

    She’s so pretty :)
    the red lipstick looks good on her ( y )
    the first dress doesn’t look good but the second one does

  • Lisa

    She was nice? Really… cause she was just sitting in a corner with a bitchy look on her face not actually talking to anyone except some woman Michelle next to her. So disappointing :-(

  • sarah


  • Anonymous


  • Elle

    She is SO pretty!

  • Anonymous

    weird clutch

  • Anonymous

    no she isnt her face is gross

  • bethany

    shut the fuck up, i bet you’re sick and fat.


  • rachel

    thats not the clutch she designed
    and she really is
    i sent that in :D

  • olivia

    are you kidding me- she’s flawless.

  • kelsey

    I absolutely LOVE Hayden’s makeup here.

  • Anonymous

    now SHE can work red lipstick

  • Anonymous

    shes gorgeous!! if you think shes ugly, ur crazy! :/ lol

  • Anonymous

    in the 3rd pic her eye makeup is killer

  • Anonymous

    i think shes prettier with her hair down.
    shes still pretty though

  • swiftmed