Boo Boo Stewart KITSON KID

Boo Boo Stewart launched his Graffeeti sneaker at the opening of Kitson Kids recently. He talked to Young Hollywood about fashion sense & style, then performed with sister, Fivel Stewart. Thx Brittni!

  • Anonymous

    aw, well isn’t he a little cutie?
    his sister is really pretty too :)

  • danielle

    I love BooBoo. I’ve auditioned with him and he’s really sweet.

  • kayla

    boo hoo hoo

  • G

    he’s actor who play in the twilight saga as seth clearwater, young brother of Leah clearwater.
    he’s looking awesome and he’s not a gay !

  • JonasLover

    Boo boo who?
    Whos this gay guy?
    Whoever he is he is U-G-L-Y!

  • djfhsf

    omg. hes so cute(:

  • djfhsf

    his sisters pretty too.

  • musicismybf

    ooomg he iz gawjuss….

    i think he should go by his real name, Nils Jr though…

    && leave him alone he isnt gay not all guys get their adult voice at 14…


    who the hell is boo boo?
    what a gay name
    poor kid.

  • Anonymous

    who is he he looks like my friend chris!

  • swiftmed