Cody Linley Pulls Down Edyta’s Dress

Cody Linley pulled down the dress of his Dancing With The Stars partner Edyta Sliwinska. Julianne Hough just has surgery recently and wasn’t able to perform. Cha Cha group dance under! Thx carriefan2009.

  • Bitch, PUH-LEASE

    Lance Bass TRUELY out-gayed himself.
    Cody’s on his way there.
    If they get Kevin Jonas or ZacEfron or on of the JB….drools

  • Bitch, PU-LEASE

    for pulling down her dress?
    OCEANUP makes you think its a big thing, lik her WHOLE dress, but its just her sleeve.

  • teamniley<3

    WOW,make a big deal much?
    its not a big deal god
    i love cody(:

  • Anonymous

    you dog you ;D :P

  • Haley

    If you guys notice that later in the video the strap of her dress is down like halfway off her shoulder. That’s what the dress is obviously supposed to be like, and I think he was trying to fix it for her without realizing what it would look like.

  • Michelle

    I also agree that he was trying to fix it for her. I don’t think he would have pulled it down to be like a perv.

  • Anonymous

    Hes so freaking SEXY

  • Chels

    Whoa whoa wait what!

  • Anonymous

    woah horny much

  • katie

    haha, i saw that. he’s just a normal 18 year old… lol. :)

  • Anonymous

    Vote for him. It was an off week.=\

  • Anonymous


  • den

    wait where in the vid did that happen? lol i’m so lost

  • Michael

    wait where in the vid did that happen? lol i’m so lost


    Like the first second of the video… lol.

  • me

    within the first 5 seconds?

  • Anonymous

    lol cody linley is adorable.

  • LMAO

    Lol its so funny by the look on his face and even more by her.
    Horny much?

  • den

    Oh wow lmao! Yeah i totally missed that lol. I was looking for it in the dance… so i overlooked the first part, yeah that’s the reason :D ty

  • Smilez

    awwee he is so cute!! *droolz*

  • Anonymous

    I saw Kathy Griffin in the background . :D

  • swiftmed