Mischa Barton Hippie HOT Or NOT?

Hippie Mischa Barton took her pup out for Sunday stroll in LA. Is Mischa hippie HOT or NOT? Photo: Fame Pictures. +1 under!

  • Brianna

    Love her! :) She’s gorgeous!

  • rebecca

    eww..i think second

  • JuBrazil’

    eww..this colthes didn’t work!!

  • abbyyy

    I LOVE HER :)
    shes so pretttyyy

  • hello

    HOTTT! i love mischa shes amazing<3

  • susie

    whoever said “i love her boots :)” is rediculous.

  • Anonymous

    cute cute cute! :)

  • Anonymous

    haha shes so old what does she do these years and yikes thunder thighs and the hippie trend is sort of faiding like her career

  • allie

    shes gotten fat

  • Anonymous

    ya know what its a bit out there but she pulls it off and looks really cute

    and thunder thighs? are you serious. whoever said that, you must have anorexic parents or something.

  • Anonymous

    ugg. fat? thunder thighs? what kind of society do we live in. geez, i really wish the marilyn monroe era would come back. when women with curves was sexy and the ideal size of the time.

  • http://www.youtube.com/dustieandkristen Kristen

    i like her headband.

  • Jane

    i dont think they are being critical its just weird seeing a skinny girl with HUGE thighs

    ugly clothes mushy fartone. i dont like you!!!

  • Susie

    Ohmigod, I hate this girl so much, no lie. BUTTTT it’s okay, because she’s broken up with Taylor Locke. Who is gorgeous.

    But she’s disgusting.

    Down with Marissa Cooper, Up with Taylor Townsend..

  • http://www.youtube.com/dustieandkristen Kristen

    mushy fartone.
    haha thats what perez calls her.

  • R+J

    she is actually naturally pretty but she ruins herself by wearing jeans like that and the full- on hippie look doesnt suit her so she should tone it down.


  • lea.mkr

    for those that said she looks fat, thats really mean, you dont know how it is to be crtizied in every magizine because of your flaws.

    shes normal and not fake.
    and doesnt starve herself.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think they are being critical its just weird seeing a skinny girl with HUGE thighs

    thatd be well and good except she does not have HUGE thighs by any means. broader hips if anything, god forbid she has a curve or two.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • http://www.oceanup.com/2008/11/mischa-barton-hippie-hot-or-not.html#comments KaylaPattinson

    hot :)

  • swiftmed
  • JhrPlm

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