Mitchel Musso How To Lose A Girl

Mitchel Musso recording songs for his upcoming album. TWIST was there while he sang ‘How To Lose A Girl.Mitch talks about what he gave Miley for her birthday under!

  • Anonymous

    a kay chain? Isn’t he a freakin rich disney star???? He can do better! I think he is good. I have a picture with him and he is staring at me because i couldn’t stop laughing…. lol

  • Totally Tamberka

    Seriously can’t wait for his album to come out! Mitchel has a great singing voice.

    The video for Miley’s Bday was cute. He’s right though…what do you get Miley Cyrus for her bday?! Lol.

  • Anonymous


  • JoeJonasLovesMeOnlyAndNotYou

    this is me^

  • Anonymous

    he’s actually pretty good ;)
    and so cute x)

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  • Anonymous

    What dose that have to do with anythin/ not being rude just a question

  • http://tela tela

    oceanup you should update more information about mitchel..

  • http://blah blah

    I think mitchel is a great singer:O hes also really really should update more information

  • Sneha


    (1). He Is Bad. =x
    (2). I Wonder If He Knows He Is White??

  • dgdfg

    he kinda seems like an ass but i actually kinda liked that.

    but seriously. why the fuck is he dressed like that? i hate to tell him but it’s not fooling anyone.

  • sara

    not that bad…

  • Christina!

    FIRSTTT! (:

  • Anonymous


  • ff

    Oh man …

    who would give that boy a mic. Honestly rapping is not his thing. Hes a poser

  • Christina!

    or second :(

  • molly

    what did he give miley?? :) x

  • katie

    that was actually good.
    but it looked like he was in a frickin bedroom hhaha. :]

  • kelly

    why isnt he in a real recording studio….
    it looks like hes in a supply closet… lol

  • lea.mkr

    he’s not that bad…

    but yet again, another disney teen star trying to sing, cant they just act and call it a day!!!
    they think they have to have the whole package to be successful.
    well the truth is that you all suck at singing except miley, but her show is about her SINGING career.
    Wizards of waverly place, no singing invloved.
    Icarly too, no singing.
    i hate to be mean, its not me, but this is really ridiculous, and annoying.

  • Sahtastic

    hahaa :)

  • Miley

    he has a HUGE cock

  • hhhh

    uugh! what is wit him and tryin to look all gangsta???

  • Miley

    when with a dick so large in his pants its hard for him not to be ganster

  • christina

    omfgg . mitchel musso=totally hot in person.
    and when he sang at the hannah music video shoot, he wasnt that bad ! but he reminded me so much like mason, like the voice and his looks! he’s just much less chubby than mason. hahah, its cute!

    but not as hot as justin gaston !

  • saraaah

    i love mitchel i love his style haha idkk why i just think he can pull it off! :) hhhaha i want him to put a cd out noww!

  • mff

    i think he sings very well n i like his style! :)


    haha he should be an EXPERT about how to lose a girl …

  • Anonymous

    What i would give to be that mic……

  • izabella

    He sings really good! And that was a smart present!! :D

  • Anonymous


    (1). He Is Bad. =x
    (2). I Wonder If He Knows He Is White??

  • shelle!

    first of all
    miley sucks at singing, its not even singing, its her and her stupid country talking shit

    second of all
    icarly is not i repeat not disney
    she is nickelodeon you dumb bitch

    third of all
    why cant they sing too, if they love it and just wanna do it just let them,
    its just like what the jonas brothers are doing, they just “sing” and now they are trying to act
    its a fucking cycle

    fourth of all
    is it just me or does he sound like metro station?!
    which i know is HIS brothers band and trace is just in it

    fifth of all
    i LOVE oceanup
    its like perez but with nickelodeon/disney peoples

    and if you dont like what i have to say you can all suck it hard

  • swiftmed