Zac Efron Rubs Emu Oil On Body

High School Musical stud Zac Efron rubs emu oil to minimize scarring on his body. Zac, who had his appendix removed in January, stocked up on the moisturizer because he’s paranoid about the scarring on his abdomen.A source told Female First:

Zac applies emu oil daily to a scar he got from his appendectomy earlier this year. He can’t handle having imperfect abs and the oil, which is made from the bird’s fat is said to fade scars. It is already working.’ Photo Credit: Fame Pictures.

  • ew

    wow… conceited much?

  • brittney

    yeah what other people said.
    ryan seacrest asked him and he said hes never heard of emu oil and he was like what do i squeeze the oil out of my emu!
    hahah it was quite funny.

  • ????????//


  • ????????//

    YEAH i really was first …. i love zac efron!!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s sooooo feminine!!

  • m

    Oh God please.. Can’t handle a scar. What a f***ing
    pu**y!!!! He needs to get over himself- everyone has
    them! Plus for a guy who wears more makeup than most
    girls, he could use a little help to appear more
    masculine.. pathetic

  • miley fan

    who cairs if your 1st omg !

  • miley fan

    is he hell !

    hav u seen his muscles ?!

  • Lexi

    if i had known that emu oil did that for you, i would have been using it a LONG time ago.
    i busted my head open when i was younger and i hate the scar it left on my face.

  • hannah

    I listened to his interview with Ryan Seacrest a while ago, and he said he’s never even heard of emu oil, soooo I don’t know how reliable that source is.

  • Anonymous

    feminine-wears makeup,cares that much about his body,its a scar EVERYONE HAS THEM i can understand if its on your face but a small scar on your lower abs isnt that big of a deal… but i agree his abs are very nice but admit it he is feminine in other ways

  • Lisa

    even if he does use this emu oil stuff, so what? guys aren’t aloud to be self conscious about their flaws?? i still think he is beautiful <3

  • Anonymous

    hes beautifullll!

  • Celine

    Zac had an interview with Ryan Seacrest a couple weeks ago saying he has never used emu oil nor does he know what emu oil is.

  • abc

    UMMM no thats ME that rubs emo oil on him…

  • lea.mkr

    hmm, i wouldn’t listen to this crap, some lonely bored person probably posted it.

    and i saw that interview with Ryan Seacrest too, its rediculous.
    come on.. bird fat, umm thats kinda weird.
    just saying.


  • madban

    ellen or ryan seacrest asked him about that rumour a few days ago,
    and he laughed.
    hes neever heard of it,
    he looked genuinly surprised,
    thats so rediculous.

  • Brianna

    Zac was on Ryan Seacrest and he denied this.
    Gosh, Oceanup. I honestly have no faith in your reliability anymore.

  • olivia

    i’m sorry to sound like a gross obsessed fangirl but seriously, ahahahaha.. he looks even better than i thought on the big screen xD

  • Zanessa_Luver

    i listened to his interview with Ryan Seacrest a while ago, and he said he’s never even heard of emu oil, soooo I don’t know how reliable that source is.


  • Melanie

    that was so freaking gay!

  • kkk

    emo oil?

  • allie

    this is not true.
    he was asked if this is true in an interview and he didnt even know what an emu was.

  • Kristen

    i love random stories like this.
    using bird fat… so weird.
    and most likely not true.



  • saaaraah

    mm idc what he does but hes soo seexy :) i loove him

  • (:

    ha, sometimes i wonder where oceanup gets their information from.

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