Miley Cyrus Sweet 16 DISNEY 365

Disney 365 does Miley’s Sweet 16. Noah Lindsey interviews Miley on
the purple carpet and knocks on the door in the bathroom while she is
straightening her hair and getting ready! Thx MileyCyrusFever, Julia.

  • Anonymous

    that was so cute

  • Anonymous

    Ummm.. how is she a spoiled brat when Disney THREW the party FOR HER.
    She is completely gracious about it. Even donated all the money to charity.

    Jealous jealous people.

  • Anonymous

    y is her lil sis signing autographs???
    shes mileys little sister?
    haha idk. but i’d ask her autograph.
    haha shes cute.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    oh please, if disneyland asked you if it was okay to throw the like the biggest party ever, everybody here would freakin take it too, and you know it (:
    baha i know i would.

  • Cyn

    ewww who the hell thinks Noah is cute???
    she looks like a goblin kid.

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday miley your awesome love ashley from albuquerque!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love miley, she’s awesome !
    and she deserves it all :D

  • this party was all disney! it was not mileys idea. she didnt even enjoy herself, because she had a schedule so she couldnt go on the rides she wanted and there was a limit to how long she could be at one part of the park at each time. i just hope that she has a great time on her real birthday.

    love miley!!

  • jenny

    what kind of straightner is that?

  • niley fan

    lol 1st

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous


  • lovatojonasgomez

    spoiled brat

  • yay

    a spoiled brat wouldnt be straightening her hair herself, i mean i know many girls who are not half as rich as miley (and not famous at all) and go to a hairstylist when they go to a party, even when its not their b-day party,
    but i guess she went after that to a stylist…

    this party was just awesome…
    ok i’m jealous but hey she deserves it, she doesnt have a frikin tiny bit of privat life
    and we have, maybe she is jealous of that sometimes…
    love ya miley

  • Joana

    I can’t believe I’ve never been so close
    Next time I’ll be first you’ll see…..
    love miley….happy birthday!!!!

  • Joana

    sorry I was fourth…. =(
    oh well
    next time…lol

  • Karla

    haha! i’m in it!
    right after she says the castle looks beautiful and then she says the people and then that’s where i’m in it!
    i saw it on tv and freaked! hahaha
    i’m wearing a white shirt and screaming MILEY! i was front row, long dark brown hair.


    haha , noah is so cute ! (:

  • rteter

    cool i want to see that!!!!!!!!

  • love Her!


    LOVE THEIR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

    FYI: IM THERE!!!!!

  • anonymous

    She’s such a spoiled brat. Not even famous people should have the right to shut down such a famous, popular PUBLIC place to celebrate their birthday. I think this is the most spoiled thing I’ve ever seen. Brat.

  • anonymous

    Thats awesome!
    Noah’s Adorable!

    Miley’s Beautifuly Gorgeous

  • haha

    its disney who give her that birthday party.
    not her family =]

  • haha

    fyi! you’re just jealous!

    DEMI SAYS : Miley deserve that birthday party

    She truly deserves it =]

  • Anonymous

    ok lets get this straight:

    first off i think they cut down her interview so it could fit the space
    second ok that wasnt really when miley was getting ready
    third shes not spoled disney threw htat party for her so she could raise money for a good cause and they chose her bc disney knows that she can cause attention!!!

    if u call her spoiled ur jealous so get over it!

  • Anonymous

    why straighten you’re hair if you know theyre gonna fix it anyway.
    haha whatever.
    it looks fun

  • Anonymous

    didnt she have curly hair at her party

  • http://tela tela

    Is it true tht MILEY and MITCHEL dated XD
    and they broke up and now MITCHEL is with DEMI :O

  • Maddie

    Miley:Who else have you interviewed?


    Miley isn’t spoiled you morons. She deserves it.

  • Anonymous

    y is her lil sis signing autographs???

  • Alyssa Carson

    OH MY GOSH! When they show billy ray that brown haired girl IS ME!

  • Anonymous

    lmfao :]
    noah’s adorableee.
    miley:who else have you inteviewed?

  • shania

    She’s such a spoiled brat. Not even famous people should have the right to shut down such a famous, popular PUBLIC place to celebrate their birthday. I think this is the most spoiled thing I’ve ever seen. Brat.

    For the last fucking time. DISNEY offered to have her birthday there, get your facts straight, A LA VERGA.

  • xoraeeee

    Her little sister is adorable.
    MILEY: Who else did you interview
    NOAH: Uhhh Dad


  • DamnThatMotherChucker!

    YAY MILERZ!!!!
    I hope she had a great Birthday,shes deserves it after how hard shes worked since she was 11!!

  • melani

    She looks so beautiful there and whoever said she’s a spoiled brat is so very jealous,she works damn hard and deserves this and more.

  • swiftmed