Noah Cyrus Mostly Ghostly Girl

Noah Lindsey Cyrus
and Madison Pettis go wild talking about their new film Mostly Ghostly. Miley is Noah‘s idol. ‘I miss the Pope!’ Thx DisneySociety!

  • vchfgf

    i hate the way noah talks. it’s totally annoyingggggggggggggggggggggg
    and she was always touching her hair, uuugh the fame has gone up to her headd and she’s not even famous. all because of miley
    fuckkkkk offfff

  • michelle


  • iheartyou

    How cuteee ;]

  • Jizzie


  • Jizzie


  • Anonymous

    sorry, but miley’s sister is fug.
    and she seems like she’s gonna grow up to be a bitch.

  • love Her!

    HAHA she’s adorable!!!!!

  • ally


  • Anonymous

    LMAO!!! THE POPE GAVE GOOD HOOOOOPE!!! I MISS THE POOOOOPE!! That shit is hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    gosh she is 8 and she already has haters oh well TEAM MILEY and if u ont like her go on selena post its not like it would be better

  • mikela

    eww, she wanna be like her sister..
    that sucks

  • Anonymous

    shes cuteeee

  • Camila


    Madison is awesome and sooo cute..!

    but noahs got no talent… shes funny, but i dont like her

  • Anonymous

    Well…………………….. ………………………… ………………………… ……
    i guess the Jb and miley pieces dont fit anymore
    but they fit with demi and selena right?
    just wait till the new next disney girl comes along
    the pieces wont fit then
    but i have had enough with the stupid drama]

    TEAM MILEY FOREVER AND EVER !!!!(no matter how much you hate it)

  • Anonymous

    so freaking cute!!

  • Kat


  • kara

    personally, i like noah but her scene in mostly ghostly is hardly a minute long. big whoop! the second video was cute though.

  • Breal

    Yeah, she’s cute, but she can’t act…hey, neither can her big sister, unless you actually consider her overacting in Hamma Montana good. The only time Noah Cyrus, Ali Lohan, et al, with the exception of Elle Fanning should ever be in a movie is when they’re sitting in the audience.

  • Anonymous

    um the movie has been on d.c and it looked like it was made in the 90’s and the acting was a lil below par but i gues 4-10 y/o kids would like it

  • Anonymous

    omg cole!!! so hott

  • swiftmed