Rob Patterson Dreams About Kristen

Robert Pattinson Seventeen questions with Seventeen!

What did you dream about last night? Kristen [Stewart].

How much money is in your wallet right now? Thousands of dollars.

Fill in the blank: When I was 17, I was ____________. So much cooler because I knew less about myself.

Who’s your celebrity crush? Kristen Stewart

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When was your first kiss? 12.

What’s a girl fashion trend that confuses you? Ugg boots!

What’s the girly movie you secretly love? Pippi Longstocking.

What’s your TV guilty pleasure? American Idol and X Factor.

Who would play you in the movie version of your life? I’d play it because I probably won’t be employed after this.

What’s your dream job? Being a pianist.

If you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be? Someone who has lots of respect or power. George Bush, possibly.

Who in your family are you closest to? My dog, Patty.

What’s your favorite Website? YouTube

What’s the fast food you can’t live without? I like all fast food, but my favorite is probably In-N-Out Burger.

What’s your worst habit? Speaking too much.

What’s the last song you listened to on your iPod? I don’t remember the exact song, but it was something James Brown from the Black Caesar sound track.

What’s the last thing you bought? Toilet paper.

  • Anonymous

    he was being sarcastic about george bush
    just to let you know lol

    haha omg i love spunk ransom :D
    he is such a cutie<3
    and funny
    and sexy
    break me off a piece of that fine ass<3

  • Ann

    it’s Robert Pattinson!

  • lo

    hehe he is very funny… and HOT!

  • selena

    AH! omg! me and him are totally alike! he’s being sarcastic about the Kristen being his crush

  • christine


  • Anonymous

    So sweet!!!Robsten*__* =)

  • ali


  • prettyxfamous

    haha! I love all his answers! He seems so random to me! :)

  • Anonymous

    thats soooo old.

  • mel

    one movie and he thinks he’s the shit. pathetic.

  • Tatiana

    Gag. I hate him.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • caraaaaa@

    oh&that pic is fcccckiing adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Wow , hes actually funny XD

  • JDS

    Awwww! they would look so cute together!

  • Patricia

    i love him!
    and it’s PattinsoN!
    i love you Robert!

  • CJ

    Thanks for posting.

    He sounds…nice…

    first? lol

  • Anonymous

    first yey whatever

  • me


  • kati

    “Patterson”? >_>

  • Kelli

    *reads topic title*
    *refuses to read the rest*

  • sg

    he is awesome!! :]]

  • Leslie

    so cutee [:

  • kristin

    awwww kristen is his crush<3

  • jocelyn

    First! He’s so hot

  • riley

    you’re sexy.
    thought i’d let you know

  • KaylaPattinson

    i didn’t know he had a crush on kristen :o
    but anywho, he’s amazing <3

  • Leslie

    so cutee [:

  • lisa

    first ?

  • lisa

    guess not…
    this is rele old i read this monthsssss ago

  • http://.... yvonne

    Wow…Lol. how cute.

  • alexis

    i love him
    hes so funny :)

  • Andi


  • Anonymous

    one movie and he thinks he’s the shit. pathetic.


    Actually, everyone else thinks he’s the shit. There’s a difference.

  • Anonymous

    one movie and he thinks he’s the shit. pathetic.

    wtf are you talking about!!?

  • Ashley

    haha. i love him :D

  • Makii

    Haters are losers !

    He is ADORBALE.


    Err, I don’t like Kristen =/.

  • Haley

    Oh spunk….. you complete me. xD

    Too bad they failed to mention how sarcastic he was being when he said George Bush… and it bothers me that he dreams about Kristen…. xD

  • cheril

    hahhaa, hes pretty funny.

  • tabby

    haha aw. :D
    They would be cute if they really dated.

  • Anonymous

    they’d be so cute together.(:

  • carrie

    haha…….i like his answers ….there not really expected,but more kind of random

  • :s

    OCEANUP THIS IS OLD!! i read this f’in months ago, bcus im always on, which is somehow more reliable than this site fo sho

  • me XD

    aw that was so cute/funny.

  • genevieve

    dude…he dreams about me. little ray of smoking hot sunshine.
    you creepin’?

  • Ransom Spunk

    I Lovvvve Hiiim ..

  • haha

    haha hes so…akward but cute awkward ha… i find it really adorable that he dreamt about kristen….like i mean how cute is that?

  • whatever. [breakfast club]

    the new OceanUP is full of SHIT.

  • smnvnnen

    btw, he’s butt UGLY.

  • baileyyy

    ahh, my husband has such a sense of humor.

    he’s hilarious.

  • mckayla

    someones got a little crushy on kirsten?

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  • Janelle

    awhhhhhh thats so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emily

    awee this made me love him even more :)
    i feel bad though because he is so insecure :( its crazy how he is insanely good looking, can act, AND sing, and he is insecure. i wanna go up to him and be like YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING DUDE I HAVE EVER KNOWN!!!! CANT U SEE!?!?!?

    lol. hes funny too. and he has a british accent. and amazing hair. oh i could go on forever.

    oh and also, i love when he talks too much!!! hahah.

    OH, and he can play instruments!!!!!
    okay im done i swear.

  • anna

    ahh he is soo GORGEOUS. ah mann., i hope him and kristen are dating tho! there perrrfect fer eachtoher

  • Anonymous

    um hes been in other movies such as harry potter he was cedric

  • Anonymous

    hes been in other movies such as harry potter as cedric

  • bhnkhjklhhj


  • xoxo

    haha oh my.. him and Kristen like each other in reality… that would be awesome if they dated…

  • omi

    he has a crush on kristin….ahh how cute:D
    and he dreams about her….i like the idea of them together. she just needs to break up with her boyfriend. it’ll happen. because she’s gonna become BIG and that’s gonna get to him.

    Who would play you in the movie version of your life? I’d play it because I probably won’t be employed after this.

    haha that was funny!!!

  • http://sabreen sabreen

    first i would like to say that yes u r hot but i would never trade places w/ george bush
    wat were u thinking?

  • Anonymous

    LOVE ROB <3

  • Izzy

    Love of my life.

  • monii<3

    ewwwwwwwww he is soooo UGLYY


  • sammy

    i think him and kristen make such a cute coulpe!! =]]

    i love robert pattinson he IS the shit!

  • Anonymous


  • rr

    he looks so weird here and hotter in the movie

  • Winny

    Whats the last thing u bought, toilet paper. haha awwwww i lvoe him!! x

  • Anonymous

    heyyy my name is kristen lol

  • tia

    george bush DOES NOT have lots of respect! he doesnt even really have any power! this dude is a dipshit.

  • Anonymous

    sex on legs
    hahha soooo true!
    omg i love him soo much
    “toilet paper”
    hahah he is so freakin cute
    who doesn’t want a hot british boy :)

  • Heather

    this is OLDDD

  • Ashley

    george bush O_O

  • http://yahoo bettinaanya

    PATTERSON?? i think you mean PATTINSON…
    check your spelling much 8-/

  • mscullen !

    as much as i love kristen, it still hurts my heart when he says that ! lol

  • Kate

    OMG oceanup, you’ve gotten his name right before why now?? it really pissed me off because it’s PATTINSON!!!!!!!!

  • swiftmed