David Henrie Lucy Hale Dating Again?

Rumors have been swirling recently that David Henrie and on & off again girlfriend Lucy Hale are back together again. Old or new, this picture is really cute!

  • Anonymous

    DUCY is great

  • Anonymous

    DUCY is too cute

  • ashley

    Hes so freaking cute.

  • Angela

    lucy hale is from privaliged :) i like that show

  • <3


  • tiuerhy

    i agree, it’s cute
    but it was out like a year ago
    he’s dating a girl i know from my camp
    her name’s gaby
    intensee, i know.

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla

    aw :)
    even though i have an undenying love for david henrie, it’s still cute :)

  • SickaliciousLove

    I wish he would hold me like that


  • cyn

    no i dont think its the same for a number of reasons.

    a) david and lucy have never vowed to be abstinent or wear a promise ring
    b) there isnt a 5/6 year age difference
    c) mileys letting kids know that its okay to date someone 6 years older then them

  • Karina

    aww thats really cute. there a cute couple.

  • Hanna

    Omg….thats soooooooooooooo adorable!!

  • Anonymous

    that is such a cute freakn picture. gah. they were/are adorable.

  • wowowow

    wow miley and that one guy have a picture almost exactly like this, and you guys were freaking out..but you aren’t for themm? oooookay cool?..

  • Alyssa

    Oh my gosh, this picture is so cute! I want David to be my boyfriend!!

  • duh

    uh maybe because david and lucy are both legal adults?

    back on topic, david seems like a sweet boyfriend. color me jealous.

  • lasygal

    this picture is old they arent together anymore this is from like 07

  • emily

    aww this is like HOmez and her cousin! ;]

    and i love how all the Disney stars don’t wear seat belts but Miley is the only one to get crap….

  • love him

    this is old if you look at davids hair its longer than his hair now and from the previous months

    they are not back together

  • http://www.youtube.com/dustieandkristen Kristen

    old or not, this picture is freaking adorable.

  • jill

    nawwww thats adorable

  • Anonymous

    It’s an old picture.
    But they ARE back together.

  • the tree girl

    I love Kristen Stewart..LOL
    but david is really cute…and all that i want on a guy! lucy was lucky and smart!
    but i hope they’re not together again!
    he would look better with another girl!

  • sara

    uh maybe because david and lucy are both legal adults?

    back on topic, david seems like a sweet boyfriend. color me jealous.

    actually, david is 17

  • katie

    wow miley and that one guy have a picture almost exactly like this, and you guys were freaking out..but you aren’t for themm? oooookay cool?..


    im not a hater of miley or anyone for that matter, but lucy and david are both over 18 and they are fully clothed and there not exactly trying to be ‘sexy’ lol.

  • DebbyItalyy

    Really cute.But I preferred David single.. XD

  • Janica

    wow they really loved each other……….

  • abbyyy


    I love david :)

  • Anonymous

    awwww. this is adorabllllllle.

  • Anonymous

    she would have been a better bella swan than kristen stewart who everyone hatessssssss.

  • Anonymous


    He’s like 18.
    not 21.
    I mean TECHNICALLY he’s an “adult” but the drinking age is 21. I consider 21 a REAL legal adult.
    nothings wrong w/this picture, just sayingggg(:

    cute picture, david’s hot.

  • Anonymous

    whoever took this pic is a creeper. lol

  • Megan

    aw i sure hope so! the both incredibly hot!

  • livv

    omg thats so ficken cute!!!

    cute cute cute cute cute cute

    they’re both really sweet

  • Anonymous

    he’s 19
    shes 19
    no one says anything about zac and vanessa

  • Kansy

    This is so cute it kinda makes me cry she is so lucky because he is cute awwww

  • me

    aww soo sweet, they are very cute together.
    The perfect couple, not to mention bf.

  • Anonymous

    thats such a cute picture :)

  • LAbaby

    aaaww so cute!!

  • anonymous

    First! They are so cute aww

  • YEs


  • becca

    well i really hope not..=(

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2008/11/hannah-montana-crazy-new-song.html vivian


  • Anonymous

    this is old
    you even posted this picture before a while ago
    but they are extremly cutttteeeeeeee

  • Amanda

    This is adorable.
    Shes so lucky she has someone
    that loves her that much.

  • Nick Jonas Luver

    First???? How cute are they!?!?!?

  • zoe


  • asdfds

    What? He can’t have a girlfriend! I refuse, I love him too much.

  • Anonymous

    well really hope not..=(

  • Anonymous

    that’s a old pic but it’s cute!

  • Anonymous

    she not is lucy hale.

  • emma

    cute! first

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers Shania

    There the cutest.

  • Anonymous

    she not lucy.

  • rebecca

    well i really hope not..=(

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D


    haha, not like this is gonna happen anytime soon, but i wish that I was that girl…. and nick j was david. <3


    hey,. a girl can dream, right? :D

  • :)

    that’s old pic but it’s cute

  • Livvvy

    can you imagine their celeb name?
    lol Lavid or Ducy :D
    but they’re adorable together!

  • Anonymous

    aw :)

  • kassie


  • Kayley(:

    AWWW !!! thts absolutely adorable ((:

  • brittany

    i really hope they are because they are so cute together :]

  • Anonymous

    cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

    and the pictures adorable.

  • Meeems

    friggin adorable.
    i love both of ‘em.

  • rommey

    soo cutteee.

  • nena

    thats so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    cute. cute. cute. cute. cute. cute.

    and the pictures adorable.

  • Miki

    they are so cute.

  • kaayla

    shes so lucky.
    end of story.

  • cat

    this is really old its on his facebook from like last year

  • me!

    i wish i was her!

  • lala

    ADORABLE aww thats sweet ps first?

  • maddie

    soooooooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    Really, i don’t belive what she it Lucy Hale. really, really. but pic is cut, very cute ! :)

  • ellie

    they are soo cute together!

  • Jb123

    aww cute!

  • Sweet picture but it’s old. Been on the net for a long while. I think they are on again since they went to the Sex Drive premier together as well as the HSM 3 premier together. I think Selena’s twin and David are adorable together, she’s a smart girl for snagging him up! I envy his girlfriend since he seems like such a sweet, funny and smart guy! Not to mention has a body to swoon for.

    David Henrie > everyone and anyone on Disney.

  • Anonymous

    awww thats adorable! (:

  • bethany

    david= sexxxx.
    david= sexxxx.
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    david= sexxxx.

  • JANET=)


  • 123jb


  • Anonymous


  • anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “i hope not” GOD. YOU GUYS are NEVER gonna get withh hiimm<3 as much as we’d all like.
    stop being mean to lucy &besides, you dont
    want him to be happpsz? jeese.

  • bridget

    its old but they are beyond cute together.

    im still rooting for javid.

  • Sammie.

    Should be Selena.
    However, even though I’m a huge Delena supporter, this is ADORABLE.

  • cute.

    now for niley.

  • Anonymous

    they arent dating
    she is dating a previous costar of hers from sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 i think

  • kimm

    i hope they are, they’re so cute together. and this picture is especially cute<3 i love them together

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    too fucking cute.
    they are adorable together!

  • Anonymous

    they arent dating
    shes dating a previous costar from sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 i think
    also if anyones wondering, i read about this on a fan site for lucy hale

  • bree

    i love lucy kate hale on privileged! she’s such a great actor! and i really love this couple. i hope they are on again.
    this pic is sooo cute beyond words!!

  • katieee!

    that picture is adorable.

  • mileyfan4life

    aww is that the girl who was his gf in the show

  • Anonymous

    hes so cute

  • sasha

    i know right its so wrong if miley took another picture with justin like that everyone would freak out

  • http://oceanup.com ari

    yea i think they are.
    she is a mutual friend of mine.
    like my friend, is good friends with her.

  • olivia


  • http://oceanup.com Person (team everyone bby)

    awww they were so cute
    team ducy..lol

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Wait wait wait. They actually dated? I really wasn’t paying attention back then.

    • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

      Yup. I’m pretty sure they first dated when she guest starred on WOWP, and then, like the article says, off and on again.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        My eyes must of been closed that whole year.

        • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

          Ugh, I only know because I was obsesssssed with him whenever this happened haha.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Yeah for a year or two

  • Anonymous

    i love david henrie -)

  • Anonymous

    hmm.. i love selena gomez.. i think david henrie and selena are compatible -)

  • swiftmed