Emma Roberts Juicy Yellow Couture

Emma Roberts finally
found a colorful dress to wear to the Juicy Couture 5th Avenue Opening Party on
Thursday in New York City. Photo Credit: INF Photo. Full size under!

  • Adam

    Um that light spot in her eye is not good sometimes it can be cancer notice only one of her eyes has yellow.

  • Anonymous

    that dress is amazing and all you saying its ugly
    obviously have no sence in style.
    i liek the dress but she cant make it work shes to pale

  • 092

    love it!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty but doesn’t look good in yellow.

  • hum

    shes so pretty
    way prettier than demi, selena and miley put together

  • anonymous

    she is so pretty.
    she just has that classic look.

  • Wowzers

    I really miss her show unfabulous:(

  • omglolaishere

    ew that dress is really ugly! shes actually really ugly herself and she cant sing at all..

  • kdflgfd

    she looks so pretty love the dress!

  • sophie

    she looks well pretty

    i loved wild child :)

  • http://oceanup.com Person (team everyone bby)

    i like it!

  • sarthak

    She is fucking awesome …1 piece material ….Ah !But you guys have noooo idea …..Do u even know that she has 2 balls and 1 stick >:


    haha kidding ,dont flame on me :)
    Yeas !She is sweet and good-looking too ..Looks like she has got a good nature ,but looks can be deceptive :)

  • allie


  • pinkwitch


  • jess

    preetty first lol

  • Anonymous


  • http://myspace.com/linduxen Linda


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    you’re fat.

  • Anonymous

    yeah i agree with the girl above me .. her skin color is a little pale for the dress but she still looks pretty in it:]

  • Livvvy

    I love her but that dress is horrible!

  • gfgfg

    she looks fat

  • abcde
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    Emma Roberts looks a lot like a younger Goldie Hawn in this outfit. I’m not sure if I’m liking the blonde look but at least it’s not horrendous.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t see the family resemblence.

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  • Anonymous

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