Jonas Brothers BURNING UP Demi

New Team Jonas video. Thx hisatotea!

  • Sneha

    So much crtizism……..

    I love JB, they look amazing here.

  • ontheDL

    DEMI! =] haha. i love that girl.

  • Maddy

    So much crtizism……..

    I love JB, they look amazing here.


    I love the Jonas Brothers!
    They are amazing, who cares if they aren’t always smiling, that doesn’t mean they are unhappy or ungrateful, they must just be tired, they are so busy! What do you expect?

  • MollyandEmma
  • it’s me

    I love the jonas brothers, but yeah, they changed so much :/ and that makes me sad…
    but anyways, I love them, and I’m still a HUGE fan, I mean, they are adorable !
    but I just wanted to know what happened…

  • yo


  • yo


  • rachel


  • rachel


  • Ella

    First Again!:P



  • rayray

    first yes

  • LOL


  • Brenda

    FIRST :B

  • pink597


  • pink597

    i hate the new ocean up…i prefer the old one…

  • rayray


  • katieee!

    the jonas brothers are deliciouss.

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    eh, this is just the usual.

    the boys look tired……. as usual

    Demi looks amazing….. as usual (haha someone called Demi “D-Lo” the other day. any thoughts? It could be the D-Lo and S-Go Show! lol)

    the fans are crazy (and stupid) …… as usual

    and big rob is rocking the big rob body guard look!!!!

    AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    give us something new disney celebs!!!!! come on!!!! you’re being really boring!!!!!!!!!!!!! bleh.

  • Sonia.Loves.JOE.JONAS.

    damn JOE looks hot!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    they should smile at the camera at least

  • Melissa


    just before the 1 min mark it looks like Nick is slapping Joe’s ass.

  • Anonymous

    ha theyr so cute. i love that they are alwwwaayyyss together. its so funny.

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