Savannah Outen DON’T FORGET

Savannah Outen singing ‘Don’t Forget‘ by Demi Lovato.

  • Mayy.

    dosen t lok good w/ straight hair

  • justine

    she’s really good!
    i mean obviously demi is better,
    but this girl is good!

  • miley FOREVER!!!

    not better than demi

    but shes very good
    but who is she?????
    i dont really no

  • Anonymous



  • asdf

    her voice gets kind of annoying

  • gloriaaaaaaa(:

    she sounds as good as demi :D

  • Maddy

    Who is this?

  • Dean

    I have to agree with Vivian……Emily Harder is definately the next best singer to Demi Lovato…. when she sings songs by Demi people keep saying she lip syncs, shes that good. Same when she does Taylor Swift songs, lol, some idiot even said she was lip syncing Nick Jonas when she sang A Little bit Longer… to top it off her Paramore songs and her originals are the best on youtube bar none. Check out So I Wait and Got a Dream, no one under 20 on youtube comes near her…she will be huge soon

  • Sandy

    yeahh first?

  • Kayla

    demi does have a much powerful voice than anyone in the disney channel, but this version isnt too powering, demis version is still good but i like this version a little better! so ha if any1 cusses me out idc.

  • Me

    so good.


  • Sandy

    yeahh first?

  • Me

    So good.

  • it’s me

    hmmm… don’t hate on me for saying that, but I think she’s better than demi…
    demi is a good singer, but I don’t know, I really liked this version ;)

  • Anonymous

    oceanup is this a slow day?

  • immrsjonas

    i love savannah. so talented

  • JonasLover

    she sucks..Demi rocks!!
    Not her!

  • brittanym

    oceanup is this a slow day??

  • Joejonaslover

    good job (:

  • Kay

    very good…

  • katieee!

    she’s amazing.

  • w3423


  • machi


  • Dejhana

    meh, i like demi better but she did a good job!

  • pooop


  • adam

    she sings good

  • Ashley

    She sucks and she’s so fake

  • oceanUP

    It’s a slow day. We never thought it would take this long to get the blog up even in our worst nightmares. And it just continues.. We might have to move back to a new WordPress blog, but oceanUP will never die :]

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like what she does. she is only famous because of videos on youtube. damn she’s lucky. but i only like the song goodbyes

  • Rosalie

    I like Demi better but Savannah has a good voice!

  • Alex

    Sorry but she’s okay, and nothing more. she has a work on it.

  • Anonymous

    Im not even going to watch it. I love her song goodbyes. I think shes wonderful and talented…but no. Im too big a demi fan to listen to anyone try and sing a demi song. Nothing compares.

  • Lily

    She’s such a good singer, I like Demi better, but that’s good for just her and her guitar.

  • Team Miley and Mandy (aka Selena sucks)


  • Anonymous

    she’s ok

  • Erin Jonas

    shes soo amazinggg!!
    i love all of her songs!!

  • Linda

    Don’t like it,

  • Anonymous

    i dunno y bt i dont like her
    im sure she’s nice n im not jealous
    bt i just dont like her.
    i want 2 meet her n c if she can change
    my mind. she’s talented bt i just dont like her

  • ivy

    i loved it!

  • yo


  • Anonymous

    her fuitar needs to be tuned slightly
    n she needs to be lighter on her fingers w/ the frets

    but singing=great

  • hannah

    shes not as good as she is made up to be.

  • Christa

    Demi is way better then Savannah though I love Savannah’s song Goodbyes. I love Demi’s voice better, it’s so powerful and unique.

  • vivian

    ehh she’s ok..but emily harder is awesome!!! :D look her up on youtube she’s amazing..and when she sings dont forget she sounds exactly like demi :D

  • vivian

    emily harder sings it sooooo much better!!! she sings almost better than demi..i swear!! check it out for yourself…look on youtube for her :D

  • kari

    this doesn’t even compare with demi
    demi’s is so much better

  • Me<3

    that was good!!

  • dani

    yikes >.< not good

  • miley fan

    she is 1,000,000 better! demi sucks!